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Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2007 Ndevinfo

Pop 14.49
Vit 48.74

Ndevinfo is an application which is used to control how lines and interfaces in a network environment are utilized. It can be also used as a provisioning tool in an ISP or telco company. The application is based on static analysis of the device configuration. Supported devices are currently only Cisco devices with IOS based configuration and synchronous controllers (E1, E3, STM-1 controllers). There is command line tool for analysis and a Web application for presenting results. Groups of devices are also supported.

No download Website Updated 11 Mar 2010 artiPACS

Pop 36.77
Vit 3.56

The artiPACS (Art in a Picture Archive) is a data structure and corresponding tools for a digital image archive.

No download Website Updated 13 Jan 2011 KiCad EDA

Pop 64.93
Vit 2.44

KiCad EDA is software for the creation of electronic schematic diagrams and printed circuit board artwork. It is a set of four programs and a project manager: Eeschema (schematic entry), Pcbnew (a board editor), Gerbview (a Gerber viewer (photoplotter documents)), and Cvpcb (a footprint selector for components used in the circuit design). Kicad is the project manager. It includes a 3D visualization feature.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2012 Ansifilter

Pop 81.42
Vit 5.59

Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes. The command sequences may be stripped or be interpreted to generate formatted output (HTML, LaTeX, TeX, and RTF).

Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2008 OpenKM

Pop 67.04
Vit 1.90

OpenKM is a document management system that is useful for enterprises that intend to organize and share documents.

Download Website Updated 09 Nov 2007 XAware

Pop 56.09
Vit 1.73

XAware provides a solution for building real time data integrations and data services. It uses an Eclipse-based designer and a run-time engine implemented using the Spring Framework. XAware has extensive built-in support for database transactions, messaging systems, structured and unstructured text, XML schemas, and more.

No download Website Updated 23 Mar 2011 Step Into Chinese

Pop 31.75
Vit 3.24

Step Into Chinese is a flexible language-mining tool to assist English speakers seeking to understand the Chinese language. Inside is an extensively cross-referenced data structure which allows the user to pursue deeper understanding of contexts, for example, by "locking on" to a particular Pinyin context and viewing successive instances of the same morpheme used in similar contexts.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2012 pdf2djvu

Pop 163.00
Vit 14.67

pdf2djvu creates DjVu files from PDF files. It's able to extract: graphics, text layer, hyperlinks, document outline (bookmarks), and metadata.

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2011 libFirm

Pop 47.77
Vit 4.40

libFirm is a library that provides an intermediate representation and optimizations for compilers. Programs are represented in a graph-based SSA form.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 PS3 Theme Extractor

Pop 19.18
Vit 2.25

PS3 Theme Extractor unpacks Playstation 3 Theme files (.p3t). It can be used to edit existing themes when the original graphics are unavailable. It also outputs an XML file that can be fed to the theme compiler to recreate the theme from the extracted graphics.


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TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite)

A lightweight server suite for LANs.


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Mutt Folder List

A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.