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Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2001 wxZoom

Pop 28.93
Vit 1.03

wxZoom is a screen magnification utility. It has manual and automatic refresh features, grid and RGB colour of the pixel under mouse display, and a quick keyboard interface.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2005 wyoEditor

Pop 98.46
Vit 6.43

wyoEditor is a cross-platform editor based on the Scintilla editor component. The editor has the usual features like fast editing, unlimited undo/redo, syntax colouring, and folding for many different programming languages. It also has a class browser, currently only for C++, and keeps the class/function display updated. The editor allows editing of files in tabbed notebook pages and/or separate top level windows. It supports context-sensitive help of any kind of documentation (e.g. programming framework descriptions) if provided as help files. The editor conforms to the wyoGuide guidelines using the wxWidgets framework.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2005 wyoFiler

Pop 22.98
Vit 2.25

wyoFiler is a cross-platform program that shows all subdirectories and files in one tree window. Directories and files can be selected and manipulated across the whole hierarchy, from the base directory all the way down to the lowest level. Selected items may be in different directories on different levels. All file manipulations are done in the background, so multiple commands are possible simultaneously. The filer can display multiple base directories in tabbed notebook pages or separate top level windows. It conforms to the wyoGuide guidelines and uses the wxWidgets framework.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2006 wyoGuide

Pop 117.37
Vit 5.07

wyoGuide is a tutorial, a collection of guidelines for building cross-platform applications with a well-designed, consistent look and feel. It gives ideas and advice on how an application and its GUI could and should be written. Development with these guidelines gives the GUI of an application a standard set of base functionality. wyoGuide also provides sample code for each guideline written in C++ using the wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) framework. For a seasoned developer it shouldn't be difficult to adapt these guidelines to other languages or frameworks.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2011 wysiwygit

Pop 16.91
Vit 31.19

Wysiwygit is an implementation of the popular CKEditor browser-based text editor. It allows users to edit Web page content in place. It can be installed without any changes to existing Web pages, and includes all current styling in the editing window.

Download Website Updated 28 Oct 2007 wzdftpd

Pop 77.59
Vit 6.75

wzdftpd is designed to be a small, efficient, and highly modular/configurable FTP server for various platforms including Linux and Windows. The server is RFC compliant, multi-threaded and can be configured entirely online using SITE commands. You can write your own extensions to the server in your choice of language, extending on existing MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Tcl, Perl, PAM, and SFV plugins. Features include IPv6, TLS/SSL, UTF8, ACLs, VFS, events, scripting, plugins, job scheduler, bandwidth limitations, credits/sections, group administration, and customizable logging.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2010 xCover

Pop 44.50
Vit 2.28

xCover is a code coverage library for C and C++. It uses non-standard features available with GCC 4.3+ and Visual C++ 7.0+. Users place line-marks in each branch of each function or method in a component's source file, and the library is able to produce, upon request, a report of which of these has not been executed. Reporting can be done on a per-file, per-alias, or per-file-group basis.

Download No website Updated 23 Mar 2013 xDash

Pop 33.69
Vit 1.43

xDash is a framework for application integration (EAI). It uses Jabber/XMPP as the communication protocol and a set of agents. All the needed information is automatically generated from a CSV file which can be comfortably edited in a spreadsheet editor.

Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2005 xFunction

Pop 45.30
Vit 1.54

xfunction is a JNI proxy library for calling external functions written in any programming language directly from Java code. It can be used for reuse of legacy code and non-Java third party libraries.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2010 xMarkup

Pop 25.65
Vit 1.13

xMarkup is a command line and GUI utility for multipurpose processing of a set of text files. It can be used to generate or edit the navigational cross-references within a set of HTML documents, analyze and convert the structure or content of SGML, XML, HTML, or text documents, split or merge text files with specified rules, analyze and extract data, generate scripts, and more. xMarkup supports a built-in procedural language which may be used to describe rules of the processing. This language is a simple dialect of the Icon programming language.


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A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.


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Multiverse Miner

A sci-fI RPG.