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Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2002 FileMan

Pop 27.75
Vit 1.00

FileMan is a full-featured, Web-based file manager featuring htpasswd protection, ability to create/extract .tar(.gz) files, multiple file search (and replace), multiple file upload, a WYSIWYG HTML editor, the ability to copy, move, and delete directories in one click, tail, diff, and much more.

Download No website Updated 13 Feb 2002 lundfxp

Pop 39.34
Vit 2.04

lundfxp is an FXP (direct site-to-site FTP) application ideal for mirroring. It uses wxWindows and features full queue management, local site (for normal FTPing), automatic resume and restart, etc.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2002 QCom

Pop 26.15
Vit 1.00

QCom is open source 16 kbps speech/music compression for Internet applications.

Download Website Updated 11 Feb 2002 ftplib

Pop 28.07
Vit 66.68

ftplib is a set of routines that implement the FTP protocol. They allow applications to create and access remote files through function calls instead of needing to fork and exec an interactive FTP client program.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2002 ZWM

Pop 22.09
Vit 66.70

ZWM is an SDL-based window manager and widget library intended to be used in cross-platform applications. It features basic widgets like buttons, lists, containers, a file browser, combo-box, and many more. It also features support for mutimedia playback (MPEG, MP3, WAV, MIDI, Ogg, etc.).

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2002 IRK Tcl IRC Client Library

Pop 14.76
Vit 1.00

IRK is a Tcl IRC client library. IRK is intended for Tcl programmers that want to use the IRC protocol for communication. It can be used to ease the creation of IRC "bots", to serve as the basis for graphical chat clients, and to allow IRKs to find each other without centralized coordination by meeting on a designated IRC server and channel. This last feature makes it ideal for negotiating the initial contact of P2P programs without requiring a central registry or server.

No download Website Updated 07 Feb 2002 dhcptool

Pop 20.62
Vit 3.17

dhcptool manages and configures a DHCP server.

Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2002 Interverse

Pop 82.82
Vit 1.76

The Interverse is the evolution and combination of the Web, chat, instant messaging (IM), and voice communication. It is not just a graphical user interface (GUI), but an immersive user interface (IUI). The Interverse is a virtual universe running on top of the Internet. It uses the Crystal Space 3D engine to render the user's view of the world.

No download Website Updated 04 Feb 2002 Kexx 2

Pop 23.32
Vit 1.44

Kexx 2 is a top down scrolling shoot 'em up game, similar to Raptor and Tyrian.

No download Website Updated 02 Feb 2002 Tk::DirGet

Pop 10.58
Vit 66.75

Tk::DirGet is a win32-like function to prompt a user for a directory.


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Conquest: Divide and Conquer

A simultaneous turn-based online multiplayer strategy game.


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A package manager plugin for Rodent Filemanager.