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Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2003 gtkglextmm

Pop 58.56
Vit 3.36

gtkglextmm is a C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt, an OpenGL extension to GTK+.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2006 picoSQL

Pop 79.08
Vit 5.76

picoSQL is an Italian RDBMS. Because it derives from a commercial project, it is already robust, fast, and rather complete.

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2005 AutoNOC

Pop 95.92
Vit 2.31

AutoNOC is a high performance, production integrated, peer-to-peer network operations management platform for Windows and Linux. It provides real-time historical analysis, root cause, fault detection, reporting, alerts and alarms, and no-nonsense correlation. It is an interoperable vendor independent solution with built-in support for Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, IBM, and other major technologies. Additionally it offers many novel capabilities, including end user personalization, easy scalability, compressed historical databases, infinite histories, event archiving (it works as a syslog server), and multi-language support.

No download Website Updated 07 Sep 2013 nProbe

Pop 160.56
Vit 4.01

nProbe is a Netflow v5/v9/IPFIX probe characterized by portability to Unix and Windows environments, a small memory footprint, and low CPU usage. It is designed for running in environments with limited resources.

No download Website Updated 30 Oct 2002 Hep Message Server

Pop 54.00
Vit 2.68

Hep Message Server is software that transfers messages between different messaging systems. Eventually, it should transparently route messages between email, weblogs, and instant messaging. Currently Hep does one thing: fetches news feeds from Web sites and lets you view them in your email client.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2009 Easysoft XML-ODBC Server

Pop 39.46
Vit 1.90

The Easysoft XML-ODBC Server lets client applications access ODBC compliant databases using simple requests in XML over TCP/IP. No client-side installation is required. A client application sends an SQL request in XML to the Easysoft XML-ODBC Server. The request is executed via a standard ODBC data source and results are returned to the client, again in XML. It can be used with any ODBC 2.0 or above driver available for Windows, Linux, and major Unix platforms. It can be used to connect any device with TCP/IP capability, including PDA and wireless systems. It is compatible with any language that supports socket programming and includes source examples for PHP, Perl, C, Java, and VB.

Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2003 PopAsm

Pop 28.20
Vit 1.45

PopAsm is an assembler (an assembly language compiler) designed to support the syntaxes of TASM/MASM and NASM, gathering together the best features of each of them. It is intended that it will support all instructions from Intel compatible CPUs, including MMX, 3DNow!, and SSE extensions.

No download No website Updated 07 Sep 2002 WaveToMidi

Pop 43.63
Vit 1.42

WaveToMidi gets input from an audio, wave, MP3, microphone, or instrument input, recognizes the musical notes on the source audio, and saves it to a destination MIDI file. It recognizes polyphonic sound, from any instrument and different simultaneous instruments.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2006 Raptor

Pop 54.88
Vit 3.91

Raptor is a 2d vertically scrolling shoot-em-up game. It uses the Allegro library.

No download Website Updated 21 May 2007 Palantir

Pop 77.59
Vit 4.68

Palantir is a client-server streaming system designed to transmit live video, audio, and data over a TCP/IP network. The server runs on a Linux box. The supplied Java client can display the live video stream as well as interact with hardware devices connected to the server. A native Windows client also allows full-duplex audio communications with the server.


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A window manager for X.


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Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.