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Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2003 Webesquema

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Vit 1.00

Webesquema is a PHP script that helps students/teachers design schemas and diagrams. The diagrams can be saved or printed, and support different styles (horizontal/vertical, colors, HTML, custom designs, etc.).

No download Website Updated 26 Jul 2005 Weblog Preview

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Vit 57.00

Weblog Preview is a preview of a weblog component for Workplace. It enables self-service blog creation, archiving, perma-links, comments, blogrolls, searching, and syndication. Weblog Preview provides the basic functionality usually expected of personal weblogs. For instance, Weblog Preview supports the posting of content in a journal format, emphasizing a personal point of view. The weblogs are public by default; that is, any authenticated Workplace user can read the blog.

    No download Website Updated 17 May 2002 Webmastercart

    Pop 8.31
    Vit 66.44

    Webmastercart is a CGI shopping cart and catalog manager. It provides templates for customizable layouts, Web-based administration, shipping and tax features, bulk discounts, coupons, downloadables, realtime inventory, customer accounts, order history, SSL support, and more.

    No download Website Updated 01 Nov 2011 Webmatic

    Pop 184.20
    Vit 20.36

    Webmatic is a system for dynamically creating a Web site directly on-line. The webmatic control panel makes it possible to manage the entire contents of a Web site without knowing any kind of programming language or HTML language. With Webmatic you can create and manage a newsletter, create and manage a FAQ section, create a page with the horoscope, create and manage a search engine, create a page for user registration, differentiate the access levels for each user, manage up to 9 advertising banners easily, create a multi-language Web site with a panel for quickly changing the language, and change the site's graphical theme, detailed statistics for your Web site. You can also create your own ecommerce website with products catalog.

    No download No website Updated 20 Mar 2011 Website@School

    Pop 10.86
    Vit 34.44

    Website@School is a content management system especially designed for education. Blind and visually impaired webmasters can manage this CMS with a braille reader or speech synthesizer. It supports an unlimited number of sites, unlimited depth, RBAC, and with many educational features. It is also manageable by pupils.

    No download Website Updated 20 Jan 2010 Webswell Business Hub

    Pop 22.38
    Vit 40.12

    Webswell Business Hub is a business-to-business integration solution for interchange of business documents. It supports EDI standards, Web Services integration, and a (BPEL-based) business process engine that allows you to define and run business processes over multiple parties with multiple business documents. It has a Web-based (AJAX) monitoring interface that allows messaging and business processes execution monitoring and management. Companies or units connected to the Business Hub are able to interchange their documents with others even when they use incompatible data formats and support different messaging protocols. For instance, an invoice sent as an EDI document via HTTPS can be received as an XML invoice via SMTP. Being transmitted through the Business Hub, the business document can be transformed, translated, validated, or verified automatically.

    No download Website Updated 15 Aug 2007 Webswell Connect

    Pop 44.37
    Vit 3.07

    Webswell Connect is an e-business integration framework based on the ebXML standard. It allows easy, interactive and user-friendly installation. It consists of an ebXML registry/repository server and client, a messaging system for secure and reliable messaging and user interface similar to popular email clients for sending/handling ebXML messages. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and email communication while keeping it safe and reliable by implementing digital signatures, encryption, acknowledgment mechanisms, duplication elimination, etc.

    Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2008 WebtopProject

    Pop 41.02
    Vit 3.35

    WebtopProject is as multi-project management software which gives the ability to plan small and large projects between overlapping departments. It is designed to efficiently support the views and interests of the departments.

    Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2013 Webware for Python

    Pop 120.91
    Vit 11.67

    Webware for Python is a suite of Python packages and tools for developing object-oriented, Web-based applications. The suite uses well known design patterns and includes a fast Application Server, Servlets, Python Server Pages (PSP), Object-Relational Mapping, Task Scheduling, Session Management, and many other features. Webware is very modular and easily extended. It is well proven and platform-independent. It is compatible with multiple Web servers, database servers, and operating systems.

    Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2014 WeeChat

    Pop 278.52
    Vit 37.42

    WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a fast and light IRC client for many operating systems. Everything can be done with a keyboard, and it is customizable and extensible with C plugins and scripts. It is compliant with RFCs 1459, 2810, 2811, 2812, and 2813.


    Project Spotlight


    A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.


    Project Spotlight

    Multiverse Miner

    A sci-fI RPG.