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No download Website Updated 21 Mar 2006 Galet

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Vit 54.87

Galet is a peer-to-peer application which primarily aims to provide easy-to-setup, secure communication channels between the computers of people who know and trust each other. Its secondary goal is to create a public network based on these channels. No direct connections occur between two nodes that have not been explicitly accepted by the users of these nodes. This makes the network very difficult to censor, as an attacker's direct access to the network is limited.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2006 FCE Ultra

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FCE Ultra is a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Famicom (Family Computer) emulator for a variety of different platforms, based on Bero's FCE. Game compatibility is very high, provided you provide non-corrupt ROM/disk images.

Download No website Updated 18 Mar 2006 TurquoiseCRM

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Vit 1.42

TurquoiseCRM is a lightweight CRM package developed using PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Four categories are available: customers, suppliers, competitors, and opportunities. The software is easily extendable.

Download No website Updated 17 Mar 2006 Angelion: The Demon Conflict

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Angelion: The Demon Conflict is an isometric client/server based MMORPG featuring 2d+ (isometric map stacking), tile stretching (looks 3d), and real-time map editing. It uses the SDL graphics library for portability.

No download Website Updated 17 Mar 2006 Rebbin

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Rebbin is a pastebin which uses the Ruby on Rails framework.

No download Website Updated 17 Mar 2006 Platypus Secure FTP Server

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Platypus Secure FTP Server is a platform independent FTP server that supports both FTP and secure FTP (FTP over SSL) protocols.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2006 JCons

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JCons provides a library that bring color to your Java console. The Java console gives no methods to change the foreground or background color. With help of this library, one can make error messages red and success messages green, for example. Most Unix terminals can deal with ESC sequences, so they are used to make the Java console colorful.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2006 picoSQL

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picoSQL is an Italian RDBMS. Because it derives from a commercial project, it is already robust, fast, and rather complete.

No download Website Updated 16 Mar 2006 libUTL++

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libUTL++ is a C++ class library that includes a wide range of highly re-usable functionality and abstractions. It uses templates in some places, but generally favors an object-oriented design. The library covers functionality in areas such as containers, text processing, memory allocation, date/time manipulation, stream I/O, data compression, and others. It also includes abstractions to facilitate common tasks such as object copying, comparison, serialization, etc.

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2006 MiniCppUnit

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MiniCppUnit is another C++ port of the famous JUnit framework for unit testing. Unlike CppUnit, MiniCppUnit follows a minimalistic approach. The basic features are the same, but in only about 500 lines of code. No library installation is needed. Extra features include color highlighting to locate differences on failing string asserts, floating point asserts which consider NaNs, Infs, and using epsilon values which are relative to the expected value, assertions for the dynamic type information, and more.


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An advanced, easy-to-use parser and translator generator


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A Dart Web server.