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Download No website Updated 13 Apr 2014 SportsTracker

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SportsTracker is an application for recording sporting activities. It is not bound to a specific kind of sport, as categories can be created for all sport types, such as cycling, running, or tennis. The main advantages are the good overview of your exercises and the easy creation of exercise statistics for specific time ranges and sport types. Users of heart rate monitors (Polar and CicloSport) can import, display (including diagrams), and organize the recorded exercise data.

No download Website Updated 03 Jun 2007 RSSConverters+

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RSSConverters+ is software to convert and aggregate your RSS and Podcast Directory feeds into PHP and Javascript.

    Download Website Updated 05 Jun 2007 Crap Adventure Construction Kit

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    Crap Adventure Construction Kit (CACK) is a kit for creating 2D tile-based RPGs. Demo games are included.

    Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2007 JSMS

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    JSMS is a program which lets you send text messages to any Irish mobile phone using your Irish mobile operator webtext account. It currently supports Meteor.ie, Vodafone.ie, and O2.ie. You can leave the program open all the time on your computer. You must have a valid Meteor, O2, or Vodafone Ireland phone number and password to use this SMS tool. It features single login, password encryption, automatic downloading of contacts, and the ability to display your remaining free minutes and texts for bill pay plans.

    Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2007 Goblin

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    Goblin is a software implementation of the board game Gobblet, for two players.

    No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2007 wiiFrame

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    wiiFrame is a simple GUI frame that has an OpenGL 3D window and a dialog box that connects Nintendo Wii remotes to the application. This is to be used as a basis for anyone who wants to write 3D applications that are controled by a Wii remote. This project uses wxWidgets, so it can be compiled cross platform, but as of now, only a Linux build works.

    No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2007 NTRconnect

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    NTRconnect Free offers easy, secure, remote access to your PC or Mac from any computer at any time. It lets you access applications, files, folders, and email for up to two computers. NTRconnect Pro includes all the features of NTRconnect Free plus file transfer, advanced keycard security, Wake-on-LAN, the ability to invite a guest, and keyboard, mouse, and screen blocking. All NTRconnect products use 256bit AES end-to-end encryption to ensure the safety and privacy of your remote sessions. You can further enhance security by using key cards, authenticated user sessions, and a wide range of features designed to guarantee corporate-level security.

    Download Website Updated 26 Jul 2007 AGM Build

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    AGM Build is a molecular builder and conformational editor. It can be used for interactive model preparation for molecular dynamics simulations, including association of atom types and partial charges. It features geometry editing, lattice building, building of chain molecules (e.g. proteins), chains with predetermined conformations, and charges and atom types according to selected Force Field.

    Download Website Updated 02 Aug 2007 jsircbot

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    jsircbot is an Internet Relay Chat robot (IRC bot) written in JavaScript (though no browser is needed). It aims to be very flexible and multi-purpose. It is completely module-based for implementing features such as channels, CTCP, and DCC. It has an event listener system to monitor channels and servers for activity and events.

    No download Website Updated 12 Aug 2007 Nomad PIM

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    Nomad PIM is an extensible personal information manager. It allows you to keep track of your personal data and provides modules for notes, schedule, contacts, money, diary, and timetracking. It is implemented as an Eclipse RCP application. Like Eclipse, it provides extension points for extensions by additional plugins.


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    Collax Groupware Suite

    A complete collaboration, e-mail, and messaging server with Outlook MAPI support.


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    An embedded scripting language for C++.