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Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2007 pidgin-hotkeys

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Vit 1.95

pidgin-hotkeys is a Pidgin (previously known as Gaim) plugin that allows you to define global hotkeys for various actions such as toggling the buddy list, fetching queued messages, and opening the preferences or account dialogs.

No download Website Updated 03 Apr 2007 Scenic

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Scenic is a scene-based 2D graphics library for Java. Its purpose is to enable the development of graphics intensive applications using the capabilities of modern graphics cards. It aims to be fast and offer high-quality graphics. The rendering code uses either DirectX or OpenGL to access the graphics hardware.

No download Website Updated 26 Jul 2005 Weblog Preview

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Vit 57.00

Weblog Preview is a preview of a weblog component for Workplace. It enables self-service blog creation, archiving, perma-links, comments, blogrolls, searching, and syndication. Weblog Preview provides the basic functionality usually expected of personal weblogs. For instance, Weblog Preview supports the posting of content in a journal format, emphasizing a personal point of view. The weblogs are public by default; that is, any authenticated Workplace user can read the blog.

    Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2005 XML Cleaner

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    Vit 2.86

    XML Cleaner is an XML filter and validator, similar to xmllint. It can remove superfluos namespace declarations from an XML file, expand XML entities, recode XML files, and more.

    Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2005 2D/3D Area Graph for PHP

    Pop 35.61
    Vit 1.00

    2D/3D Area Graph for PHP provides a very easy way to embed dynamically generated area graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML Web pages. The graphing software is very easy to use, and it's perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to Web pages and applications within minutes.

    Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2010 XSD

    Pop 110.35
    Vit 6.72

    XSD is a W3C XML Schema to C++ translator. Provided with an XML instance specification (XML Schema), it generates C++ classes that represent the given vocabulary as well as parsing and serialization code. You can then access the data stored in XML using types and functions that semantically correspond to your application domain rather than dealing with elements, attributes, and text in a direct representation of XML such as DOM or SAX. XSD features support for in-memory and stream-oriented processing models, comprehensive XML Schema feature coverage, easy integration, and more.

    Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2009 GRUB for DOS

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    Vit 7.03

    GRUB for DOS is a rebuild of the GNU GRUB boot manager for DOS, and can be run under real mode DOS. It also has many new features. It can be booted through BOOT.INI of Windows (grldr) and kexec of Linux (grub.exe). It can directly boot NTLDR (WindowsNT/2K/XP), IO.SYS (Windows9x/Me) and KERNEL.SYS (FreeDOS). The disk emulation feature is another enhancement over GNU GRUB, and can be used to run legacy DOS/Windows9x systems with floppy or hard disk images.

    No download Website Updated 06 Oct 2006 EverCrack

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    EverCrack is a cryptanalysis engine. The overall design goal is to systematically break down complex ciphers into their simplex components for cryptanalysis (by the kernel). The kernel consists of an algebraic design (comparison and reduction) for breaking uniliteral, monoalphabetic ciphers instantaneously. Currently, it can break a 4000-word cipher in milliseconds. EverCrack currently has multi-language support for the user interface and cracking encryption in other language dictionaries (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, and Portuguese).

    Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2006 pydirstat

    Pop 31.56
    Vit 3.06

    pyDirStat is a small tool to view statistical information about a directory. It will generate a view of all files contained in a directory (and subdirectories) with rectangles. Each rectangular area is proportional to the file sizes. It's useful for viewing disk usage with graphics. It's a non-interactive command-line tool that will generate HTML or SVG or SWF files. On Windows, it also runs as a shell extension.

    No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2005 dotSilver Partner

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    Vit 1.00

    DotSilver Partner is a feature-rich dating website script implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. This product is created for companies and individuals who want to launch a dating Web site that works with the global database of members shared between hundreds of dotSilver Partner driven sites. It can normally be installed within ten minutes.


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    A window manager for X.


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    Tiny, portable general Unix utilities.