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No download Website Updated 30 Jun 2006 Nelit2 Engine

Pop 13.60
Vit 53.94

Nelit2 Engine is a game engine that uses a Model-View-Controller concept. The engine uses some popular libraries such OpenGL and SDL. It works on Unix systems and on Windows.

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2006 Java Bullseye

Pop 9.80
Vit 53.88

Java Bullseye allows users to search for the closest locations within a mile radius. The software is often used as a store locator, dealer locator, or location finder. Sample .jsp pages are included, but the Java classes can be called directly.

Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2008 dhtmlxTabbar

Pop 19.18
Vit 53.84

dhtmlxTabbar is a cross-browser JavaScript tab bar with XML support, a rich API, and dynamic data loading via Ajax. The control supports tab scrolling, multi-row tabs, and customizable layouts (top, bottom, right, and left). Various predefined skins are available.

No download Website Updated 12 Jul 2006 Priax

Pop 14.59
Vit 53.84

Priax is a small and fast IAX2 (soft phone) client.

Download No website Updated 14 Jul 2006 RayDream Game Studio

Pop 9.22
Vit 53.82

RayDream Game Studio (RDGS) is a game development system which aims to run on modern systems like Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It has powerful editors and a good scripting language, including a level editor, model editor, and more.

Download Website Updated 16 Jun 2014 EC2Box

Pop 230.44
Vit 53.81

EC2Box is a Web-based tool that allows EC2 users to open multiple shells, execute shared commands, upload files, and store connection info for EC2 instances running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

No download Website Updated 16 Jul 2006 MUMSAI

Pop 9.11
Vit 53.80

MUMSAI is a Web application designed to manage and authenticate users from multiple Web sites. It features site and user management, Web links management, automatic link exchange checking, download management, and RSS email.

No download Website Updated 30 Jul 2006 Snazzy Backup

Pop 14.80
Vit 53.66

Snazzy Backup is a backup utility for desktop users. You can pick files and folders to zip. It has a nice GUI. You can save and load settings, specify the compression ratio, thread priority, filters, and tokenizable file names, and span multiple files based on file size.

No download Website Updated 09 Aug 2006 Project Open ESB

Pop 16.61
Vit 53.57

Project Open ESB implements an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) runtime with sample service engines and binding components. Open ESB allows you to easily integrate enterprise applications and Web services as loosely coupled composite applications. This allows you to seamlessly compose and recompose your composite applications, realizing the benefits of a true Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). The core of the Open ESB SDK is based on Java Business Integration (JBI) technology, as defined in the JSR 208 specification.

No download Website Updated 11 Aug 2006 Nagios Enterprise PerfMon Plugins

Pop 25.69
Vit 53.55

The goal of the Nagios Enterprise Performance Monitoring Plugin project is to come up with enterprise performance monitoring plugins for commercial enterprise applications, databases, and application frameworks.


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Collax Groupware Suite

A complete collaboration, e-mail, and messaging server with Outlook MAPI support.


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An embedded scripting language for C++.