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Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2005 Gubed PHP Debugger

Pop 100.96
Vit 3.87

Gubed PHP Debugger is, as the name suggests, a program that will help you debug your PHP scripts. It supports stepping through code, watching and setting the contents of variables, and normal and conditional breakpoints. No changes are needed to server software or scripts being debugged.

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2004 GuiHelper

Pop 9.00
Vit 1.00

GuiHelper is a very simple utility for designing Java Swing-based GUIs. It lets you add components such as JButton and JTextField into a JFrame and set their width, height and position. Finally you can generate the related Java code.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2011 GuiLoader

Pop 47.73
Vit 6.17

The GuiLoader C library allows applications to reconstruct user interfaces from GuiXml files. GuiXml interfaces are created and edited by the Crow Designer. Access to the GuiLoader functionality for applications in C++ is granted by a special auxiliary library, GuiLoader-C++.

No download Website Updated 18 Jul 2011 GuiLoader-C++

Pop 46.28
Vit 6.39

The GuiLoader-C++ library grants the access to GuiLoader functions for applications in C++. It also provides automatic cleanup when exceptions are raised, binding of GuiXml objects to C++ variables, and dynamic signal connection which takes types into account.

Download Website Updated 06 Jan 2009 Guido van Robot

Pop 65.88
Vit 6.17

Guido van Robot, or GvR for short, is a minimalistic programming language that provides just enough syntax to help students learn the concepts of sequencing, conditional branching, looping, and procedural abstraction. Its biggest strength is that it permits this learning in an environment that combines the thrill of problem-solving with instant visual feedback.

Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2001 Guimauve

Pop 8.49
Vit 2.30

Guimauve is a graphical user interface to compute matching pursuit decomposition on a signal. The code is based on LastWave from Emmanuel Bacry and it uses the GTK+ library.

No download Website Updated 08 Jun 2005 Gungirl Sequencer

Pop 51.12
Vit 2.18

Gungirl Sequencer is an easy-to-use audio sequencer. It includes a simple file manager and uses drag-and-drop to arrange audio samples.

Download No website Updated 28 Mar 2014 GunsPHP

Pop 42.98
Vit 9.05

GunsPHP is a framework which helps you create projects easily. Write only PHP, and JavaScript is written on the fly for you. Embedded CRUD operations help you manage your app and database seamlessly.

Download Website Updated 21 Jul 2006 GutenPy

Pop 40.25
Vit 3.01

GutenPy makes it easier to find and read books from Project Gutenberg. It has handy bookmarking, line numbering, and word definition lookups. Its catalog browser can use simple or complex regular expression filters for title, author, and subject, and allows you to create a booklist of wanted items that can be saved and downloaded later.

Download No website Updated 30 Aug 2010 Gwenhywfar

Pop 93.34
Vit 14.87

Gwenhywfar is a multi-purpose library that provides useful functions such as configuration file handling, a full featured message generation and parsing engine, and an operating system abstraction layer. It is used by Libchipcard2, AqBanking, QBankManager, OpenHBCI, AqMoney, and various other projects.


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A news reader.


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An iTunes companion for BPM detection, song matching, and meta data correction.