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Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2003 iCOM

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Vit 1.42

iCOM is a component architecture based on the idea of blending COM with the advanced features of CORBA. It has modern standards-based language mappings, and runs on multiple platforms.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2003 PHP SETI@home web monitor

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Vit 2.24

The PHP SETI@home web monitor is a very simple PHP script to monitor a single SETI@Home program running on a workstation or server via the local Web server. It displays general information of the user, the current work unit and the processing statistics. It also displays a skymap to show the source of the current data.

No download Website Updated 27 May 2004 libRASCH

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Vit 3.13

Devices for the measurement of signals use different data formats to store the data on disk. libRASCH provides a common application programming interface to access such signals, regardless of which storage format is used. Additionally, it provides support for processing (e.g. detects beats in an ECG) and viewing the signals. This functionality and the access to the various file formats is realized with plugins.

Download Website Updated 18 Feb 2005 lescegra

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Vit 2.65

Lescegra is an object-oriented 3D graphics engine based on OpenGL. It is written in strict ANSI C and brings no dependencies other than an OpenGL implementation.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2003 Stone Three Foundation Classes

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Vit 1.00

Stone Three Foundation Classes (S3FC) is a software library which facilitates the rapid development of high-performance distributed computing applications. It is implemented as a number of C++ classes and functions that includes an efficient multi-threading framework built on top of POSIX threads, numerous efficient and lightweight queues, local (intraprocess) and network transports that provide object replication, secure network communications via OpenSSL, synchronization via mutexes, semaphores, or condition variables, periodic notification, an extensible and modular marshaling (serialization) system, a message passing system, an event dispatching and handling framework, local and remote event logging, and much more.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2011 ircproxy

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Vit 5.06

ircproxy is an Internet Relay Chat Proxy, which works as a layer between your IRC client and the IRC server. It features bouncer capability and has more features, flexibility, and configuration options than other tools. It also includes an option to use the system password list instead of requiring a separate password database.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2006 ID3 mass tagger

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Vit 3.64

ID3 mass tagger is a portable command-line mass tagger for audio files. It is designed for non-interactively adding, removing, or updating meta-information in a number of files with a single command. It can generate tag fields from the filename and rename files using an intuitive syntax. It currently supports ID3 (1.1), Lyrics3 (2.0), and ID3v2 (2.0 and 3.0) tags.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2007 Flightdeck-UI

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Vit 3.67

Flightdeck-UI is a project that utilizes the ideas in the design of aircraft controls and instruments for creating general purpose user interfaces. The project includes Flightdeck-UI Online (a Web-based monitoring system that works entirely through the browser), the Multi-Variable Monitor (MVM) application, and a Tkinter widget library. Flightdeck-UI Online is installed on a Web server. The MVM application provides a graphical editor with theme support for quickly creating Flightdeck-UI control panels. It is possible but not necessary to write code in order to use MVM.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2004 jclassinfo

Pop 16.00
Vit 1.79

jclassinfo is an information extractor for Java classes. The information it deals with includes but is not limited to VM requirements, inheritance, dependencies, field and method signatures, and class attributes. It is written in C and requires zlib.

No download Website Updated 17 Nov 2003 TimCam

Pop 29.10
Vit 1.44

TimCam is a simple graphical Webcam program which captures pictures at intervals and intelligently uploads them to a specified FTP site. It is designed to be platform-independent.


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Gnome Partition Editor

A graphical frontend to libparted.


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PDF Split and Merge

A tool to split and merge PDF files.