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Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2003 wmmemload

Pop 31.75
Vit 2.15

wmmemload is a simple dockapp for WindowMaker that displays memory and swap space usage. It is very heavily based on WMMemMon and WMCPULoad.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2002 wmmenu

Pop 43.37
Vit 3.56

wmmenu is a "dock application" for Windowmaker that provides a button bar to launch applications from. The bar opens automatically when the mouse enters the button. Multiple instances of the program can run at the same time; each one provides a menu that it reads from a separate file, so you can have as many different menus as you want.

Download Website Updated 29 May 2007 wmmsg

Pop 15.46
Vit 50.17

wmmsg is a dockapp that informs you of new events, such as incoming chat messages, by displaying related icons and arrival times. It works with Pidgin, X-Chat, etc. It can be used to notify you of various other system events.

No download Website Updated 18 Feb 2003 wmmtr

Pop 27.60
Vit 1.78

WMMTR is a Window Maker dockable program similar to mtr. It traces the Internet route to a host, displaying the lags and packet losses on a "live" graph.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 wmnet

Pop 27.50
Vit 1.02

wmnet polls network statistics and does a few things with the data it gets. It has small blinking lights for the rx and tx of ip packets, a digital speedometer of your tcp/ip stack's current speed and neatest of all, a bar graph like xload et. al which has a tx speed graph from bottom-up and rx speed graph from the top-down. The speedometer keeps track of the current speed per second and shows it in a color corresponding to which of rx or tx that has the highest speed at the moment.

Download No website Updated 23 Feb 2003 wmnetload

Pop 92.52
Vit 2.57

wmnetload is a network interface monitor dockapp for Window Maker. It is designed to fit well with dockapps like wmcpuload and wmmemmon. It tracks whether the interface is functioning and displays current network interface throughput, along with an auto-scaling graph of recent network activity (the graph separates upstream and downstream traffic load cleanly without resorting to colors).

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2005 wmpal

Pop 34.87
Vit 2.43

wmpal is a useless Window Maker dockapp based on bbpal. It displays a small "pal" animation and allows for configurable click action.

No download Website Updated 02 Sep 2002 wmpasman

Pop 27.50
Vit 1.41

wmpasman stores passwords and makes them available for pasting (both via the middle-click primary selection and the clipboard selection) at the click of a button. It also contains a digital clock. Access is controlled by a passphrase.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 wmphoto

Pop 18.55
Vit 1.00

wmphoto is a Window Maker dock app that show your favorite girlfrind, guru or family photo. You can switch between many pictures and you can run commands associated to every picture, all with just one mouse click.

No download Website Updated 25 Nov 2008 wmpower

Pop 44.12
Vit 4.00

wmpower is a Window Maker dock application allowing the user to graphically see (and set) the power management status of his laptop. It works with both APM and ACPI enabled kernels.


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A Web-based LDAP client written in Python.


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BAR: backup archiver program

An archiver program with compression and encryption support.