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Download Website Updated 30 Mar 2008 manix

Pop 23.49
Vit 2.36

manix is a desktop environment which aims to provide a full MacOS 8/9 interface, including an implementation of the Carbon API.

Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2008 DynamicWorkspaces

Pop 27.71
Vit 1.00

DynamicWorkspaces is a small utility designed to dynamically adjust the number of workspaces (some call them virtual desktops) on your desktop. It will create or delete workspaces such that you always have one workspace free. You can also tell the program to keep at least n workspaces, no matter the number of windows opened (for example, to have at least 3 workspaces, plus at least one free). A common use for DynamicWorkspaces is to tell your window manager to launch it when you log in, so you just use it and forget about it.

No download Website Updated 29 Feb 2008 iloog

Pop 30.46
Vit 1.45

iloog is a Gentoo-based live CD targeted mainly at students and scientists. It features UnionFS filesystem support that enables you to write everywhere on the LiveCD and install extra packages, a graphical X environment through the Fluxbox window manager, many programming editors and IDEs, and a plethora of scientific applications, including Octave, Namd, Merlin, and full (La)TeX support.

No download Website Updated 11 Feb 2008 Knoppix

Pop 536.61
Vit 8.85

KNOPPIX is a bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software, automatic hardware detection, and support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI devices, and other peripherals. It can be used as a Linux demo, educational CD, rescue system, etc. It is not necessary to install anything on a hard disk due to on-the-fly decompression.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2008 Firebox WM

Pop 29.07
Vit 2.19

Firebox manages your windows. It tends to comply with the ICCCM/Motif/EWMH standards for window management. It aims to be small and fast.

No download Website Updated 12 Dec 2007 ETIX Linux

Pop 15.00
Vit 1.00

ETIX is a Linux distribution with a Java flavour. It includes Ede Desktop, JDK6, BlueJ, Siag Office, xpdf, xmms, dillo, NetBeans, and other light software. It is intended for people who want to learn about Java and Java development.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2007 NuApplet2

Pop 20.57
Vit 1.75

NuApplet2 is a graphical client for the authenticating firewall NuFW. It integrates smoothly in the system tray of various window managers or desktop environments. It requires Qt4, cmake and libnuclient (provided by NuFW).

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 2007 VTWM

Pop 42.78
Vit 3.04

The Virtual Tab Window Manager (VTWM) is a virtual window manager with adjustable graphical complexity. With minimal settings, it is ideal for limited resource situations, using little memory, little CPU time, few colors, and little bandwidth. Fully blown, it supports m4 and regex processing of the resource file, sound effects, user-defined color icons and buttons, and more.

Download Website Updated 12 Nov 2007 fbctrl

Pop 13.71
Vit 1.43

fbctrl is a very lightweight utility to switch the windows or desktops on top of any compatible window manager like fluxbox, blackbox, or openbox. The main goal behind this utility is to recover the old focus behavior of fluxbox 0.1.14 for the newer versions, if no tabs are used.

Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2007 awm

Pop 41.33
Vit 1.74

awm is a custom window manager. It's small, functional, and fast. It is based on dwm and is just ~1800 lines of code. It is based on the workspace concept, but the space is two dimensional. Each time you move to a new, unvisited workspace, a terminal window is automatically launched, emulating TTYs' behavior. You can delete an entire workspace, killing all the windows launched in it. You can even delete an entire dimension, deleting all the residing workspaces. To resize a window, you just Alt+RightClick on any point of the screen, and the window will immediately resize. The windows can be ordered on the fly with the tiling algorithm of dwm, and then restored. This is useful to get a quick glimpse of the current workspace. A proc-like interface can be used retrieve information from awm.


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A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.


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Aspose.Pdf for .NET

A .NET component to create PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat.