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Download Website Updated 23 Feb 2013 Fluxbox

Pop 428.99
Vit 16.15

Fluxbox is a lightweight and highly configurable window manager with pwm-like tabs.

Download No website Updated 15 Sep 2013 IceWM

Pop 334.38
Vit 45.34

IceWM is a window manager designed for speed, usability, and consistency. It is able to emulate the looks of Motif, OS/2, and Windows, and allows you to have a customizable look using pixmaps.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2013 pekwm

Pop 101.29
Vit 12.37

The Pek Window Manager (pekwm) is a small and flexible window manager that aims to be usable. It supports grouping (a concept first introduced by pwm), automatic properties, chainable keybindings, and much more.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2002 bbkeys

Pop 99.45
Vit 3.24

bbkeys is the keygrabber for the Blackbox window manager. bbkeys handles all keybindings and keyboard shortcuts for Blackbox. It uses Blackbox's Image classes for rendering its look and feel, so bbkeys will draw itself to match whatever Blackbox style is used. It is highly configurable via the bbconf GUI utility, the included perl script, or via hand-editing bbkeys's config file.

No download Website Updated 17 Jan 2002 KDE on Cygwin

Pop 91.04
Vit 1.02

The KDE on Cygwin project enables the KDE desktop on Windows. It is based on Cygwin (the POSIX emulation layer for Windows), XFree86, and Qt.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2012 PieDock

Pop 89.67
Vit 8.02

PieDock is a task bar in the shape of a pie menu that appears directly around your mouse cursor. It feels a little bit like the Mac OS X dock but in a circular shape.

No download Website Updated 07 Oct 2003 CodeTek VirtualDesktop

Pop 80.50
Vit 3.98

CodeTek VirtualDesktop brings full virtual desktop support as available on other operating systems (Mac OS 9, Windows, Unix, Linux) to the Mac OS X platform.

Download Website Updated 06 Nov 2002 Waimea

Pop 76.32
Vit 4.16

Waimea is a fast and highly customizable virtual multiple desktop window manager. It has a very advanced style engine with features like Blackbox style support, pixmap style support, and transparent textures through the Xrender extension. Text can be rendered double buffered using both X core fonts and Xft fonts. Waimea also includes a fast lightweight menu system with dynamic menu support. The built-in action configuration system makes it the most configurable window manager available.

Download Website Updated 27 Nov 2009 WMI - Window Manager Improved

Pop 64.65
Vit 1.54

WMI is a lightweight window manager for X11 which attempts to combine the best features of larswm, ion, evilwm, and ratpoison into one window manager. It supports both the conventional way of managing windows in a overlapping manner and the screen-alike way of managing windows in a non-overlapping fashion.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2004 aewm++

Pop 64.19
Vit 5.24

aewm++ is rewrite and fork of aewm in C++. It's just a simple window manager.


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