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Download Website Updated 08 Jan 2012 Very Quick Wiki

Pop 138.39
Vit 4.64

Very Quick Wiki is a JSP/Servlet WikiWiki Web clone. It is installed by dropping a single WAR into Tomcat, Resin, etc. It features built-in filesystem or MySQL backend, email notification, diff, usernames, file upload /attachment, admin/topic-locking, recent changes, search engine, standard Wiki markup, and optional HTML support.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 2013 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

Pop 5,489.79
Vit 49.02

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is a full-featured, Web-based, multilingual, tightly integrated, all-in-one wiki, CMS, and groupware. Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge bases, intranets, and extranets. Tiki offers a very large number of features "out-of-the-box". It is highly configurable and modular. All features are optional and administered via a Web-based interface. Major features include a robust wiki engine, news articles, discussion forums, newsletters, blogs, file and image galleries, bug and issue trackers, a link directory, polls/surveys and quizzes, FAQs, a banner management system, calendar, maps, mobile access, RSS feeds, a category system, tags, an advanced themeing engine (Smarty), spreadsheet, live support, shoutbox, inter-user messaging, menu generator, advanced permission system for users and groups, internal search engine, external authentication support, and more. It was formerly named TikiWiki.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2009 bitweaver

Pop 52.65
Vit 3.44

bitweaver is an advanced, object oriented, content management system (CMS) and Web application framework for PHP. It uses Smarty Templates and ADOdb to support many databases. Some main features of bitweaver include a modular package system, a low number of database queries, and a large amount of flexibility and customization options. bitweaver is based on TikiWiki.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2012 Morcego 3D network browser

Pop 94.20
Vit 2.96

Morcego is a 3D graph browser for viewing and navigating any graph-like structure. Examples of such structures include social networks, site maps, hierarchies, and genealogy trees. It currently only support simple graphs. It's already integrated into TikiWiki. Morcego is not meant to provide a solution for the end user, but to be embedded in a Web application by developers. It's a Java applet that communicates with an XML-RPC server to load the graph that is displayed.

No download Website Updated 18 Jun 2005 JSPWiki

Pop 39.17
Vit 1.00

JSPWiki is a JSP-based WikiWiki clone. It supports all the standard Wiki features, including attachments, full UTF-8 support, templates, and page locking. It also supports an XML-RPC API for scripting, Weblog functionality, Atom and RSS feeds, WikiForms, spam filtering, in-page CSS, and very fast searching using Lucene. Most functions are served by plugins, so you can develop your own extensions.

Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2008 tomboy

Pop 67.35
Vit 3.32

Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix. It is simple and easy to use, but has the potential to help you organize the ideas and information you deal with every day.

No download Website Updated 19 Nov 2007 RAPPTOR

Pop 23.35
Vit 2.32

RAPPTOR is a semantic technologies-enabled Web application server for the .Net platform. It integrates relational, hierarchical, and even semantic data structures into a common API and offers broad DBMS connectivity through pluggable drivers. It is designed for rapid application development, a code-driven development style, and platform-independence (Mono and MS .Net 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0).

No download Website Updated 18 Jun 2008 OpenEdit

Pop 40.14
Vit 1.70

OpenEdit is a content management framework for designers. It includes online editing, dynamic layouts, a file manager, version control, and notification tools. Its ecommerce tools include an online catalog manager, a shopping cart, and advanced product searching with no database required.

No download Website Updated 02 Nov 2005 JBossWiki

Pop 18.22
Vit 55.58

JBossWiki is a self contained Wiki portlet based on JSPWiki. It fully supports the JBoss Portal 2.0 security constructs to allow users and roles to be associated with editing and display of wiki pages and attachments within the context of a JSR 168 compliant portal. An integrated diff tool is included. It has a Plugin framework which allows different wiki types to be defined and associated with different plugin stacks which add contextual content to wiki pages or do translations. It also includes a prototype search engine.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2006 WebMe

Pop 17.38
Vit 2.01

WebME is a really simple CMS with blog and podcasting support. WebMe can be used as CGI/FastCGI script or can be self-hosted as a ready-to-use Web server.


Project Spotlight


An anonymizing, filter-bypassing, HTTP/FTP proxy in a CGI script.


Project Spotlight

GNU recutils

A set of tools and libraries to access human-editable text-based databases called recfiles.