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Download Website Updated 11 Dec 2006 ThinWire

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Vit 1.79

ThinWire is a development framework that allows you to easily build applications for the Web that have responsive, expressive, and interactive user interfaces without the complexity of the alternatives. While virtually any Web application can be built with ThinWire, it especially excels at enterprise applications, with its highly interactive and rich user interface components. Using ThinWire to handle the view-layer of your Java EE (J2EE) application can provide better user experience and with shorter development time.

No download Website Updated 06 Dec 2006 Microba Controls

Pop 10.86
Vit 52.26

Microba is a set of finely crafted and feature rich JFC (Swing) Java components. It includes a Calendar, a DatePicker, a GradientEditor, a Birdview for JGraph, and more. It aims to replace commercial components with free alternatives without sacrificing quality.

No download Website Updated 24 Nov 2006 Visual WebGui

Pop 16.97
Vit 52.38

Visual WebGui lets you develop in a WinForms-like server-side API (including design-time support) to create AJAX-enabled complex applications like Outlook Web access. It is an extension to ASP.NET and will run over mono.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2006 Dynamic Web Page Effects

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Vit 1.00

Dynamic Web Page Effects allows a variety of functions and controls to be added to a Web page. The package includes text scrollers, image faders, text tickers, and more.

Download Website Updated 29 Oct 2006 hk_classes

Pop 98.16
Vit 8.93

hk_classes is a set of C++ libraries for rapid development of database applications with all features a modern database application should have, like forms and reports. hk_classes is database and GUI independent. It also includes command line tools to use hk_classes in scripts. hk_classes includes drivers for DBase, Firebird, MS Access, MySQL, Paradox, PostgreSQL, ODBC, and SQLite.

No download Website Updated 18 Oct 2006 AltioLive Studio

Pop 51.38
Vit 6.56

AltioLive Studio provides a development environment to rapidly build front ends to complex Web based applications, with rich client interactivity beyond the capabilities of the best AJAX front ends. Included are a Visual GUI builder, a backend integration tool, and other development tools, which allow developers to build the interface for their applications quickly, remotely, and without touching an XML or Java editor, so that they can get on with developing the business logic on the backend.

No download Website Updated 21 Sep 2006 edit-on JavaBean SDK

Pop 42.00
Vit 2.67

The edit-on JavaBean SDK is a customizable, feature-rich JavaBean that allows developers to add WYSIWYG editing functionality to their AWT- or Swing-based applications. It features an intuitive word processor-like user interface that enables XHTML content authoring with XML markup, and has a royalty free run-time license.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2006 L2FProd.com Common Components

Pop 52.02
Vit 2.42

Swing has lot of components built in, but still some are missing. This project provides the developer community with these missing components, inspired from modern user interfaces. It provides a PropertySheet component, a collapsible task pane (JTaskPane), a button bar (JButtonBar), a font chooser (JFontChooser), an Outlook Bar (JOutlookBar), a Tip Of The Day dialog (JTipOfTheDay), and a directory chooser (JDirectoryChooser).

No download Website Updated 09 Sep 2006 BeanForm

Pop 9.64
Vit 53.10

BeanForm is a Tapestry 4 component that eliminates the boilerplate code necessary to build a pojo edit form, using bean introspection to dynamically build these forms. It includes extra Java Persistence API (EJB3) and Hibernate Validator support for those who need it.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2006 Active Scrolling Text & News Scroller

Pop 17.83
Vit 1.00

Active Scrolling Text & News Scroller is a JavaScript function that is capable of scrolling any HTML content, including text and images. The style, size, scrolling speed, and page pausing of the scrolled content can be configured. A configurator tool is provided, enabling easy installation.


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A drive encryption script that makes encryption of storage media and virtual files quick and easy.


Project Spotlight


An unconventional GUI testing tool for Python and Java GUIs.