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No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 apache2dot

Pop 43.22
Vit 1.00

apache2dot generates a directed graph of users' movement within your Website from Apache weblogs using graphviz.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Agnostos

Pop 43.68
Vit 1.43

Agnostos is a simple Web-based tool for managing todo lists. Tasks can be prioritized (optionally by date) and assigned to individuals, workgroups, departments, or any combination of the three. It includes simple reporting facilities and an 'audit trail' for each task.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Abyss Web Server

Pop 216.10
Vit 1.42

ABYSS aims to be a fully HTTP/1.1 compliant Web server. Its main design goals are speed, low resource usage, and portability. ABYSS works on most UNIX based systems and on Win32 systems (Win95/98/2000/NT/XP).

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 AcidIM

Pop 53.44
Vit 1.00

AcidIM is an Instant Messenger application written in CGI-Perl. Users can send and receive messages as well make video conferencing (assuming that camserv is running on users' machine).

No download Website Updated 25 Jan 2001 ShopSite

Pop 26.68
Vit 69.80

ShopSite is an easy-to-use mature shopping cart system. It supports 6 languages and several product levels to fit almost any small to medium-sized business's needs. It supports customer templates for Web designers and APIs and XML for developers.

Download Website Updated 16 Jan 2001 QuickImage

Pop 17.61
Vit 69.87

QuickImage is an open-source utility for adding drawings and graphs to your Web applications. It was designed primarily for use with the SteelBlue Application Server, but is general enough to be used in many programming environments. The QuickImage package contains both Java classes that can draw images on the client's browser and a C++ program that can draw images on the Web server. They both interpret the same set of graphics commands, and you only need one version to add drawings to your Web applications.

No download Website Updated 14 Jan 2001 Netrogenic IRC Chat Client

Pop 12.41
Vit 69.88

Netrogenic Chat is a lightweight Java-based (Applet) Webchat client that uses an ordinary IRC server for the chat server.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2001 Wuzzle Jukebox

Pop 11.75
Vit 69.90

The wuzzle jukebox is a set of perl scripts which interface with a database of MP3s to provide a web based MP3 browser. People can select specific songs or albums they want to hear and add them to a playlist. The playlist format is compatible with winamp, windows media player, and XMMS. Security is provided by a combination of server directory/file security, and a login page.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2000 fm2html

Pop 27.22
Vit 2.01

fm2html is a Perl script which takes freshmeat's daily newsletter on STDIN and outputs an HTML page.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2000 bew

Pop 71.86
Vit 70.05

bew is a Web mirroring tool that will recursively get a whole set of Web pages using the HEAD mechanism so that it only downloads pages that have changed. It mostly works, but there are still a lot of features to be added. Support for checking external links is also implemented.


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A JavaScript logging framework based on log4j.


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A tool for optimizing JPEG files.