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No download No website Updated 12 Oct 2011 Colubris

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Vit 30.41

Colubris helps small creative teams track projects and clients. It focuses on Budgets, agreements between your team and your client to pay you money for your work. It helps your developer or design team focus on projects which are profitable and prevent you from doing any "extra" or "free" work. It is developed in Agile Toolkit and can be customized to your own needs or workflow.

Download No website Updated 09 Jan 2014 Scripture

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Vit 9.22

Scripture is an online and mobile study application that allows users to read, interact with, and study the Bible using many unique features and tools.

No download No website Updated 07 Feb 2013 Agile Toolkit

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Vit 5.29

Agile Toolkit is a powerful object-oriented platform for Web user interface development. It can help you build a simple administration system or Web data manager quickly and with ease. It focuses on seamless integration while being simple to learn. Agile Toolkit fills the gaps between ORM and the user interface. It lets you focus on the business logic of your application and leave implementation details (such as HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and CSS) to Agile Toolkit.

Download No website Updated 08 Jun 2011 gauger

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Vit 2.09

gauger is a lightweight performance recording and monitoring tool, aimed at detecting regressions (or sudden impovements) in any measurable metric. It is mainly intended for software development, but can be used for other purposes such as network monitoring or meteorological logging. It collects measurments made by a number of clients (potentially behind firewalls) on a central server and allows you to visualize and analyze the data later. It offers a central log server, Python, Java, and C interfaces for the clients, and a Web interface to browse the data. It allows you to view graphs of the data per host or per metric, selecting the desired ranges and sizes, and allows you to download the data in a gnuplot script for further processing.

No download No website Updated 18 Nov 2010 MahewinSexyUrl

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Vit 1.00

MahewinSexyUrl is a Web application for shortening URLs. For now, it's a very simple URL shortener, but several features are in progress, like stats.

No download Website Updated 20 Oct 2010 ShinyCMS

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Vit 35.87

ShinyCMS is a content management system intended for use by Web designers and Web developers who want to keep a clear distinction between the markup they create and the content their clients can edit. Designers add templates to the CMS, which define page layouts containing editable elements. Users can then build pages by selecting an appropriate template and editing the elements it contains. This approach means that editing content is a simple and safe process, and the site look and feel is kept consistent and professional.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2008 Zimplit CMS

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Vit 44.17

Zimplit CMS is a Web-based content management system which enables users to create professional Web sites without being a Web developer or hiring one. Editing a Web site is extremely easy thanks to an "On-site" editor. The editor is on the Web site like an ordinary visitor, except that on every editable page, a small toolbar makes it possible to create pages, change texts, and add pictures, galleries, and videos. Users can use any CSS/HTML template they wish.

Download Website Updated 15 Nov 2008 openBmap GeoTag Files Manager

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Vit 1.00

openBmap GeoTag Files Manager is the repository and manager of GeoTag Files and photos generated by a openBmap client. It processes GeoTag files and photos to update both the openBmap database and your Facebook account with the geopositioned photos you have previously uploaded.

No download Website Updated 22 Oct 2008 Siruna

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Vit 1.00

Siruna is a platform that helps deploy a traditional Web site on a wide range of mobile devices. The content of your "mobilized" Web site is based on either an existing Web site or an XML or RSS feed. The platform allows you to add, delete, or change content according to the user's wishes. Original advertisement banners can be replaced with mobile advertisement banners. Images can be adapted for mobile use. JavaScript functionality can be replaced.

Download Website Updated 16 Jul 2013 StatusNet

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Vit 12.91

StatusNet is a microblogging platform. A StatusNet site is a lightweight social network that helps a community, company, or group to exchange short messages, files, and data over the Web. Users can choose which people to "follow" and receive only their friends' or colleagues' status messages. It provides a service that is similar to Twitter, Yammer, SocialCast, or Chatter.


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A library for manipulating sets and relations of integer points bounded by linear constraints.


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A C library for sending email with attachments.