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No download No website Updated 19 Nov 2013 Remote Launcher App

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Remote Launcher is an easy to use tool that enables you to launch applications remotely on your PC via your Android device with a single click. It can also be used to start your PC up, even if it is turned off, with the built in support for Wake On LAN. It consists of an Android app and a small server program for your PC. You can configure Remote Launcher to start any application on your PC. For example, it can start your mediacenter, shutdown or restart the computer, or run a custom script.

Download No website Updated 21 Nov 2013 PyWake

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PyWake is a command line Wake-On-LAN (WOL) client with advanced options and IPv6 capability.

Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2014 gWakeOnLAN

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gWakeOnLAN is a GTK+ utility to awaken machines using Wake on LAN.


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A Python IDE.


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A simple Innovation3d file loader.