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Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2009 Krusader

Pop 197.71
Vit 11.37

Krusader is an advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE 3.x, but with many extras. It provides all the file-management features you could possibly want. It also features extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support, FTP, an advanced search module, a text viewer/editor, directory synchronization, support for file content comparisons, powerful batch renaming, and much more. It supports the following archive formats: tar, zip, bzip2, gzip, rar, ace, arj, and rpm. It can also handle other KIOSlaves such as smb:// or fish://.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2007 TDFSB

Pop 157.80
Vit 4.39

TDFSB reads directory information and displays it as a 3D world. cd'ing into another directory is possible by simply walking into the assigned sphere. It also reads images and text files and displays their contents. It plays MP3 files and MPEG-1 videos as 3D objects.

Download Website Updated 08 Aug 2002 PhotoGroup

Pop 29.70
Vit 1.45

PhotoGroup is a GNOME program for organising (and displaying) collections of images.

Download Website Updated 04 Oct 2005 VisLib

Pop 33.67
Vit 2.00

VisLib is a GTK application for visualizing, editing, and searching hierarchically-organized couples of visual and textual information, from family or holiday photographs, desktop backgrounds, digital comics, to material samples or bacterial cultures photographs.

Download Website Updated 07 Dec 2003 QuickView

Pop 21.45
Vit 61.54

QuickView is a Finder toolbar application which displays images.

Download Website Updated 02 Feb 2004 My Pictures

Pop 44.36
Vit 1.42

My Pictures is a photo gallery that uses EXIF to store comments and information about the image so that the metadata is always stored with the images.

No download Website Updated 14 Feb 2004 Java Image Browser Sorter

Pop 15.81
Vit 60.97

JIBS provides full-screen slide shows, image sorting, and simple image manipulation. It is perfect for taking a set of digital pictures, rotating, resizing, and sorting them into correct directories. It is also great for managing downloaded images.

No download Website Updated 04 May 2004 Surftree

Pop 47.87
Vit 1.00

Surftree is an applet that displays data organized in a spreadsheet as an expandable tree on a Web page. The tree can be 9 levels deep and have over 65,000 nodes. Each node can display up to 4 independent Web pages or JPG images. It works with Java 1.0 and 1.1+ and in any Web server environment.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2004 FlashMyAdmin

Pop 31.94
Vit 58.53

FlashMyAdmin is a Flash-based MySQL administration project. It features multiple database management, import/export (SQL, XML, CSV), internationalization, and help. It also allows video, audio, images, and movieclip files to be shown directly within the interface.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2007 Checkpoint Commander

Pop 24.86
Vit 2.52

Checkpoint Commander is a cross-platform file management, viewing, and archiving / security tool. It includes optional archive encryption using AES (AES-CBC-HMAC-SHA1).


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H2 Database Engine

A Java SQL database engine.


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A collection of tools for dumping and mastering PlayStation 1 CD-ROM images.