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No download No website Updated 25 Mar 2014 GeoToad

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GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help speed up the boring part of geocaching: choosing the cache and collecting the data. It allows you to generate any kind of complex query you want, and the program will go and poll the Geocaching query, grab the data, and output it to any format you want. The Geocache info can be synced straight to your GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone in over 20 different formats.

No download Website Updated 30 Dec 2003 SQSH

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SQSH (pronounced skwish) is a helpful utility for Sybase users and admins. It is a replacement for the ancient isql program that Sybase supplies. It intends to provide much of the functionality provided by a good shell, such as variables, redirection, pipes, back-grounding, job control, history, command completion, and dynamic configuration.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 1999 shstat

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SHSTAT is like the stat command and the stat() function except that it's designed for use in shell scripts. The tar.gz file contains a single C source file and a man page. A partial alternative to shstat is GNU find via its printf argument.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 path

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path can be used to manipulate a colon-separated list of paths contained in an environment variable such as PATH. New paths can be added either to the beginning or the end of the path list, paths can be removed from the path list, and several checks can be made on the paths contained in the path list. All duplicate paths in the list are removed.

Download Website Updated 24 May 1999 kde2wm

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Many of us are using a "light" windows manager, as WindowMaker, while using the KDE tools, because they're great. The trouble is, the links in the KDE menu can't be used in the WindowMaker menu (or AfterStep, Fvwm...). So you may find it not easy to have KDE tools in the WindowMaker menu. This Perl script solves this problem: it "translates" the KDE-style links into links in wmconfig-style, used by WindowMaker and many other window managers.

Download No website Updated 11 Oct 2004 freefile

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Freefile is a clone of the file(1) program that reads files and generates an educated guess about their contents. This version differs from implementations based on Ian Darwin's code in three ways: the source code is smaller, "file -z" can decode the contents of bzip2 files (and gzip files, which both implentations can handle), and it is GPL'ed. Freefile was originally written to resolve copyright issues about Ian Darwin's version, some of which still remain.

Download No website Updated 16 Jun 1999 Lucifer

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Lucifer is a burn-in program suppoering Linux and DOS. It tests RAM, hard disks, processors, and floating-point processors by running stress tests to ensure that the hardware is not likely to have trouble as it ages. Lucifer should be portable, although it is only tested with Linux and DOS.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 1999 Weeder

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Weeder is a utility which takes fingerprints (crc and length) of files. Once a fingerprint is taken it can display or delete duplicates in vast amounts of files. Usually this applies to the maintenance of collections of pictures or archives. It serves as well for integrity checking purposes. Weeder is designed to be unlimited in the number of files processed and for speed.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Enable_Logitech_Wheel

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Enable_Logitech_Wheel is designed to send re-initialization strings to the mouse device which enable the scroll wheel functions of many popular OEM models of Logitech's FirstMouse+ and MouseMan+ (Models M-S48 and M-S48-OEM which are based off a Zilog controler chip and do not initalize with the standard Xserver or gpm packages). When run the mouse will issue commands sequences identical to the retail version of the FirstMouse+ (M-C48) and work properly with XFree86 Releases > 3.3.2.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 1999 uCON

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uCON is the unix port of the flexible and well-known SNES/Genesis ROM editing/conversion tool. This utility converts between the various ROM formats, performs IPS and baseline patches, as well as NTSC/PAL/slowROM fixes. uCON-unix is open source and portable.


Project Spotlight


GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.


Project Spotlight

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Web based software for the rapid creation of data handling interfaces.