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Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2005 fdutils

Pop 62.21
Vit 1.80

The fdutils package contains utilities for configuring and debugging the Linux floppy driver, for formatting extra capacity disks (up to 1992K on a high density disk), and for sending raw commands to the floppy controller.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2012 hdparm

Pop 629.67
Vit 23.32

hdparm is a Linux shell utility for viewing and manipulating various IDE drive and driver parameters. Most drives can benefit from improved performance using a command similar to "hdparm -qm8 -qu1 -qc1 -qd1 /dev/hda".

No download Website Updated 24 Feb 2007 lcd4linux

Pop 98.24
Vit 3.60

LCD4Linux is a small program that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on an external liquid crystal display.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2009 memtest86

Pop 246.48
Vit 6.39

Memtest-86 is a very thorough stand-alone memory test for x86 and Pentium systems (and compatibles). It currently does 11 tests to fully determine whether you have faulty RAM or not.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2012 memtester

Pop 217.99
Vit 14.21

memtester is a user-space utility for testing the memory subsystem in a computer to determine if it is faulty. It does a good job of finding intermittent faults and non-deterministic faults. It has many tests to help catch borderline memory. memtester should compile and run on any 32- or 64-bit Unix or Unix-like system.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 metachk

Pop 33.54
Vit 1.00

metachk checks the health and safety of DiskSuite RAID configurations under Solaris. See the home page for a list of all checks performed.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 qnxflash

Pop 16.61
Vit 1.00

qnxflash is a BIOS flasher that runs under QNX or FreeBSD for "upgrading" the I-opener's BIOS to support needed features.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 QStick

Pop 10.63
Vit 1.41

QStick is a program which uses the XTest extension in XFree86 to send keyboard messages to an X server from a Linux-supported joystick. The program consists of the KBStick executable which reads joystick input and dispatches keypress messages to X, and the QStick shell script which configures environment varibles read by the executable to assign X KeyCodes to the joystick directions & button presses.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2008 WinDriver

Pop 167.02
Vit 6.97

WinDriver automates and simplifies the development of user-mode Linux device drivers for PCI, CardBus, ISA, PMC, PCI-X, PCI-EXPRESS, and CompactPCI as well as USB 1.1/2.0. No internal OS knowledge or kernel level programming is required. It supports kernel 2.0.31 and above, including embedded Linux, x86 and PowerPC processors, and any 32-bit development environment supporting C or Delphi. Applications are source code compatible across Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/XP Embedded/Server 2003/CE, Linux, Solaris, and VxWorks.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2001 Seagate Disk Drive Firmware Download

Pop 34.21
Vit 1.42

The Seagate Disk Drive Firmware Download utility can download firmware to Seagate disk drives from Irix, Linux, or Solaris hosts using Fibre Channel or Parallel SCSI interfaces.


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