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Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2010 File::Scan

Pop 187.39
Vit 10.10

File::Scan allows users to make multi-platform virus scanners which can detect Windows/DOS/Mac viruses. It include a virus scanner and signatures database.

No download Website Updated 27 Mar 2002 TkPar

Pop 9.22
Vit 1.00

TkPar is a simple Perl/Tk frontend for the command line Parchive program. It supports checking and restoring par sets.

No download Website Updated 05 Aug 2007 pastebot

Pop 26.04
Vit 2.98

Pastebot is an IRC bot that saves channels from large amounts of pasted material. Text is pasted into a Web form, and the bot (optionally) announces an URL where it can be read. Interested people can partake in the joy without the whole channel scrolling to hell.

Download Website Updated 17 May 2009 Perl Object Environment

Pop 92.56
Vit 5.82

POE (Perl Object Environment) is a general framework for event-driven, cooperatively multitasked programs. It is especially good as a basis for network software.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2002 mimetypes

Pop 23.41
Vit 1.00

mimetypes is a utility that generates mime.types files for Apache. The standard file does not include many of the common Linux document MIME types (such as StarOffice, and KDE and GNOME apps). This script automates the extraction of MIME type information from the a combination of running KDE and GNOME applications and displays it in a manner appropriate for Apache.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2002 csv2txt

Pop 17.03
Vit 1.00

csv2txt is a Perl converter from the CSV format to text format. Some features of csv2txt include the ability to select the CSV delimiter, the ability to set global alignment (left, right, center), and the ability to set the global decimal format.

Download No website Updated 30 Jul 2003 tgen

Pop 30.59
Vit 2.32

tgen generates a Web site from a collection of input files of a variety of types, using a set of registered HTML autogenerators. This allows, for example, the generation a Web site consisting of plain text pages, EtText formatted files, man or POD documentation, and/or custom formats, with a consistent and attractive look-and-feel. It is a driver program; the actual conversion work is done by a set of plugin filters or "autoformatters" (named *2hts[.*]).

Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2003 rackview

Pop 96.55
Vit 2.28

rackview is a tool for visualizing the layout of rack- mounted equipment. It can load data either from database tables or a flat file. It can be used to assist in planning and tracking hardware changes to racks in a data center, and to provide a host-oriented interface into other database tools. The core of rackview is implemented as a Perl module, which can be integrated into a variety of different tools. Sample command line and CGI scripts are included, which should be sufficient for basic needs.

Download Website Updated 23 Feb 2009 Scraper

Pop 61.80
Vit 4.12

Scraper is designed to scrape the Web for information. It is very easy to use.

No download Website Updated 18 Mar 2006 PerlPad

Pop 17.15
Vit 2.01

PerlPad is a Cocoa application that lets users run Perl from other apps using System Services. Perl code can be evaluated from any TextInput, current selection can be processed with some Perl code (nice to test some regex), or users can process the system pasteboard in the same way. Buttons can even be defined for favorite Perl snippets along with add-on services for the service menu. The Perl environment provided is persistent (as long as the app stays alive), allowing data to be shared between invocations and custom Perl modules to be loaded.


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TurnKey OpenBravo Appliance

An Openbravo appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.


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A script that converts XHTML to man pages.