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Download Website Updated 24 May 2013 phpPeanuts

Pop 194.07
Vit 15.17

PhpPeanuts is a framework for developing database-backed applications in PHP. Rather than building an application from the bottom up, you initially only build domain model classes in which you specify properties, relationships, and database table names in metadata. The framework dynamically scaffolds getters and setters, persistency, navigation over relations, and input and delete validation. The abstract user interface instantly offers a rich set of pages for searching, browsing, drilling down, editing and reporting over your domain model. From there on you extend and refine both the domain model and the user interface to make it what you want by defining specialization classes and overriding inherited methods.

Download Website Updated 18 Mar 2012 WebAbility

Pop 235.20
Vit 9.63

WebAbility is an advanced Web development platform that contains WebFlow, a content management system (CMS), a security advanced system (SAS), a powerful workflow engine, and Web site wrappers. It supports multiple database connections, multiple languages, multiple presentation templates, page, script, and library versioning, XML and Web Services integration, and advanced security management. It uses plugins to extend the software for tasks such as e-commerce, portals, intranets, and editorial systems.

Download Website Updated 03 Feb 2009 Xataface DataGrid Module

Pop 43.34
Vit 1.75

The Xataface DataGrid Module is an add-on module for the Xataface application framework that adds an editable grid component to your applications. It uses the Ext JS JavaScript library to create the grid. It allows users to edit records, add new rows, sort rows, reorder columns, show/hide columns, and toggle to full-screen mode. Changes are automatically saved in the background by AJAX. The module is fully integrated into the Xataface permissions system.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2008 RADRIA

Pop 47.15
Vit 1.77

Radria is a collection of Web-based RAD tools to build Web applications with PHP and JavaScript. It lets you create database driven Web applications directly from a Web browser with drag-and-drop, and point-and-click. It features real WYSIWYG with instant script execution and contextual access to the entire HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP source code. It is fully component oriented with many add-ons and packages. It lets you use and integrate your own scripts and framework.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2008 ZZEE DHTML Menu

Pop 19.49
Vit 1.00

ZZEE DHTML Menu is an easy to install library for Javascript and PHP that you can use to create drop-down menus like in desktop applications. It comes with many options, including checkboxes, radio buttons, keyboard navigation, shortcuts, the ability to add or delete items on the fly, etc. It has a simple API. It is search engine friendly (PHP only). It ships with four different styles.

Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2007 Metastorage

Pop 138.80
Vit 5.88

Metastorage is a PHP data access object generator compiler tool. It implements an object persistence API from a description in an XML format named CPML. The persistent object classes implement object-relational mappings, so developers do not have to write SQL manually. It features an object query language for specifying conditions for querying objects, generation of classes for producing reports, generation of classes to manage templated Web forms for creating new persistent objects, and generation of UML class diagrams. It can be run from the command line or from a Web interface.

No download Website Updated 20 May 2007 Tigermouse

Pop 13.11
Vit 1.00

Tigermouse is a modern Web application framework for PHP. It relies on AJAX technology, so in combination with being lightweight enables you to build dynamic, responsive, and interactive Web applications. It is well suited for enterprise-grade tasks because of its strong commitment to server-side business logic processing. Tigermouse does not require any Javascript coding, so you can focus on your application core logic instead of tinkering in the UI.

Download Website Updated 08 May 2007 Php AjaX with Smarty Templates

Pop 50.91
Vit 1.84

PAXT is a library built on top of the HTML_AJAX package and using Smarty templates.

Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2006 XIRE

Pop 19.44
Vit 1.74

XIRE (eXtendable Information Rendering Engine) is an extendable DOM-based PHP 5 template engine that takes data provided by PHP and creates XML (or XHTML) documents based on templates. It is designed to work within other projects and is not anything but a templating engine. It is not a framework and does not provide duplicate routines that may exist elsewhere in your projects. Routines such as error handling (XIRE will throw exceptions), resource fetching, and debuging are assumed to exist elsewhere.

Download Website Updated 11 Aug 2006 Piragibe

Pop 36.50
Vit 2.01

Piragibe is a business database driven application framework. Its main goal is to mimic, as closely as possible, the capabilities and behaviour of Oracle Forms. It offers a metaphor that resembles Oracle Developer with data blocks, forms, triggers, and events, a neat layer of data validation capable of validating fields, records, and blocks of records under programmatic control, clear separation and independence between database access, programmatic views of database data and visual presentation of data and information, access to any database supported by PHP, national language support, and the ability to develop CRUD applications with a few lines of code.


Project Spotlight


A Hibernate session and transaction manager.


Project Spotlight


A program for monitoring JavaEE applications.