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Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2009 Remote HellaNZB GUI

Pop 21.26
Vit 2.70

Remote HellaNZB GUI is a small GTK+ application to control your HellaNZB daemon. It's well integrated into your desktop. In a few clicks, you can manage your remote (or local) queue: add NZB files from your computer or from their newzbin.com ID, set priorities, see the progress of your downloads, etc. Unlike other similar projects, this one can truly add NZB files from your computer to your remote daemon; to do so, it copies them through SSH. For Remote HellaNZB GUI to work you need a running HellaNZB daemon; it does not configure it for you.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2002 NNTPobjects

Pop 16.43
Vit 2.66

NNTPobjects is a collection of C++ classes for easily creating simple or advanced NNTP clients. It enables novice and advanced C++ programmers to quickly write small utilities, or even full-featured NNTP clients.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2006 NewsDeliver

Pop 20.25
Vit 2.62

NewsDeliver is a simple but customizable NNTP to email gateway written in Python. When invoked (usually by a cron job), it checks for new messages on newsgroups that the user has marked as "watched" and emails a copy of any new messages to the user.

No download Website Updated 27 Sep 2005 nzbperl

Pop 24.19
Vit 2.57

nzbperl is a a newsreader utility that can process an nzb file, autodecode, and do bandwidth throttling.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2003 SuckMT

Pop 33.62
Vit 2.54

SuckMT is a multithreaded replacement for suck that uses client NNTP to download news messages from a news server. It automatically balances the download of all news items over several NNTP socket connections, thus actually using a lot more of the available bandwidth. SuckMT includes kill/keep rules that are regular expressions which can optionally be case insensitive. Statistics are kept how often and when a kill/keep rule was matched for the last time. To upload new messages back to the NNTP server you will still need tools from the suck package.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2004 OSXnews

Pop 29.26
Vit 2.49

OSXnews is a small, fast Cocoa news reader.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2002 whatpix

Pop 24.82
Vit 2.48

whatpix is a Perl console application which finds (and optionally moves or deletes) duplicate files.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2001 Multicast Netnews Transfer Protocol

Pop 18.73
Vit 2.48

MCNTP is a proctocol and an implementation of that protocol to exchange NetNews articles between servers in a bandwidth-friendly way. The package contains the complete suite of tools and is ready to run with a news server that uses the classical spool concept (such as INN 1.x). As of 1.2, there is also support for the INN 2.x storage API.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2002 yencode

Pop 50.60
Vit 2.46

yencode is an encoder, decoder, and posting package for the popular Usenet yEnc encoding format. It features the ability to encode single or multipart archives, a smart decoder which can decode multiple files (including files specified out of order or with nonsense filenames), an optional scan mode with recursion, and an easy to use Usenet posting utility. It is fully compliant with the yEnc specifications.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2005 open sTeam

Pop 108.36
Vit 2.38

sTeam provides a technical platform which allows groups of students, lecturers, and any other groups to construct and arrange their individual and cooperative learning and working space. It consists of an object-oriented server connected to a database, and Web, Java, and other (FTP, SMTP, IRC, etc.) clients. The server is event-driven and manages all user objects as well as the communication between the connected clients. Features that were different from most other cooperation tools is the self-organisation and self-administration by the members within the virtual environment.


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A sophisticated command line based file transfer program.


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A client for the pump.io social network.