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Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2005 Newsd

Pop 46.73
Vit 2.11

Newsd is a standalone local NNTP news server for private newsgroup serving on a single server. It is useful for serving private newsgroup(s) to an intranet or the Internet, and can act as a simple mail gateway. However, it does not interface with other news servers and cannot manage distributed news feeds, i.e. Usenet news.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2003 Newspost

Pop 55.32
Vit 3.48

Newspost is a full-featured USEnet binary autoposter. It is meant as an all-in-one posting solution. In addition to posting files, it can post text prefixes, and generate and post .SFV files and .PAR volumes.

No download Website Updated 31 Aug 2002 NukePost

Pop 14.56
Vit 1.00

The NukePost script automates the process of removing multiple Usenet posts from Google's message archive, saving you the trouble of continually reloading and resubmitting Google's removal page. It requires an active Google utility account and the Message-IDs of the posts you want to remove.

No download Website Updated 09 Sep 2002 Nxgate

Pop 13.42
Vit 1.41

Nxgate acts as an XML-RPC gateway between an NNTP server (like INN) and any program that can call XML-RPC Web services (like Radio 8). It can be used to batch import postings from an internal NNTP server to a Web log.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2007 NzbGui

Pop 8.25
Vit 1.00

NzbGui provides an easy way to control NzbGet server throw a visual interface. It allows the user to connect to the daemon remotely, and the user can add new downloads, start/stop the daemon, set the download rate, etc.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2010 OS Reviews CMS

Pop 36.18
Vit 3.99

OS Reviews CMS is a content management system that features the generation of purely static content, an NNTP-based comment system, LaTeX input, and customizable templates.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2004 OSXnews

Pop 29.26
Vit 2.49

OSXnews is a small, fast Cocoa news reader.

Download Website Updated 27 Jun 2006 PHPUsenet

Pop 11.14
Vit 1.42

PHPUsenet is a set of scripts that allow you to mirror a newsgroup in an SQL database. Users can read posts, browse, search, reply, and start new threads. Multiple newsgroups are supported for one frontend. The posting facility can be password protected.

Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2004 PHPnewsGroups

Pop 50.94
Vit 2.05

PHPnewsGroups is a Usenet news client written in PHP4. It is completely Web-based, and the interface is very easy to use and does not require any particular Usenet knowledge. Just a few configuration files to edit and that's it. You can easily access and search all newsgroups with binary content.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2006 PIMPPA

Pop 54.44
Vit 5.34

PIMPPA automates file downloading from newsgroups and FTP sites. Its especially designed for leeching pictures but can be used for any files. Filename-based heuristics and MD5 checksums are used for spam/duplicate prevention and automatic sorting of incoming material. The whole process is cronable. PIMPPA also includes a GNOME GUI and several commandline utilities for further processing and management of the kept files.


Project Spotlight


A sophisticated command line based file transfer program.


Project Spotlight


A client for the pump.io social network.