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No download Website Updated 19 Mar 2002 @1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld

Pop 32.22
Vit 66.47

Conten Board for Desktop and Handheld allows you to maintain articles on your Web site from a desktop or handheld device. The articles can be viewed from a desktop browser, PDA browser, or other PDA software. It has been tested on Palmscape, Handspring Blazer, and iSilo (using Sony Clie).

Download Website Updated 27 May 2005 TreeTable

Pop 9.54
Vit 57.04

TreeTable is an applet which combines table (grid) and tree views. You can hierarchically organize your data in multiple columns. The grid is editable and sortable, and supports XML, dynamic data loading, custom icons, colors, and fonts, Javascript events, popup menus, and Japanese characters.

    Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2005 perl-abook

    Pop 15.75
    Vit 56.90

    perl-abook synchronizes a Palm database with an abook one.

    Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2007 FusionCharts Free

    Pop 26.94
    Vit 50.65

    FusionCharts Free is a flash charting component that can be used to render data-driven and animated charts for your Web applications and presentations. It is a cross-browser and cross-platform solution that can be used with ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, simple HTML pages, or even PowerPoint presentations to deliver interactive and powerful flash charts. You do not need to know anything about Flash to use FusionCharts. All you need to know is the language in which you're programming.

    Download Website Updated 10 Nov 2013 ATLAS

    Pop 311.20
    Vit 41.35

    The ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) project is an ongoing research effort focusing on applying empirical techniques in order to provide portable performance. It provides C and Fortran77 interfaces to a portably efficient BLAS implementation, as well as a few routines from LAPACK.

    Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2010 pilot-link

    Pop 169.48
    Vit 5.56

    The pilot-link suite of tools contains a robust library and a series of conduits for moving information between your desktop or workstation and your Palm handheld device, such as those made by Palm, Sony, Handspring, Handera, and others. It also includes language bindings for languages such as Perl, Python, and Java.

    Download Website Updated 16 Jun 2004 PalmFontConv

    Pop 44.50
    Vit 3.48

    PalmFontConv is a collection of command-line utilities to manipulate Palm fonts in both v1 and v2 formats. Currently, there is a converter that converts between afnx, nfnt (low, high, or both densities), NFNT, and text editable formats, and another converter that converts Type 1/TrueType/BDF/PCF and other formats supported by FreeType2 into the text editable format, code for generating Plucker and PalmBible+ compatible anti-aliased fonts. There are also a bunch of GUI shells for generating font packages for Plucker, PalmBible+, Fonts4OS5, and FontSubst.

    Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2004 Amphibian

    Pop 21.84
    Vit 2.06

    Amphibian is a free distributed components- oriented framework that was created to develop multiplatform game engines with high source code reusability. It can be used to create different game engines for personal computers, handhelds, and cellular phones.

    Download Website Updated 26 May 2008 J2ME ChartComponent

    Pop 26.68
    Vit 1.99

    J2ME ChartComponent is an MIDP 2.0 charting component with basic functionality for showing charts on embedded devices. It currently implements horizontal bar, vertical bar, and line charts. An incomplete and experimental pie chart component is implemented, as well as a very simple 'legenda'.

    Download Website Updated 13 May 2005 J2ME OGC WMS Client

    Pop 33.76
    Vit 1.80

    J2ME OGC WMS Client is a program for accessing OGC Web map services from Java enabled mobile phone or PDAs. It accesses the OGC WMS according to WMS 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 specifications and supports zooming and panning in the Map, WMS sublayers, and a bookmark management system for quick access.


    Project Spotlight


    A tool for optimizing JPEG files.


    Project Spotlight

    123 Flash Chat Moodle Module

    A chat room module for Moodle.