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Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2008 smupcheck

Pop 13.00
Vit 1.00

smupcheck, which stands for Smart Update Checker, checks Web sites for updates automatically, even if they don't offer an RSS feed. It is a very basic tool, and does not offer advanced features such as checking password-protected Web sites, highlighting changes, or filtering results.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2008 process-getopt

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Vit 1.00

process-getopt is a wrapper around getopt(1) for bash that allows a developer to define command line options with their descriptions through a single function call. These definitions are then used in runtime processing of command line options as well as in generating help and man pages. This results in more internal consistency in bash scripts, particularly when they are maintained and changed later. It also saves a little time in coding and producing nicely formatted documentation. It is quite similar to GNU's argp in glibc for compiled languages. Samples and a manual are included.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2012 HP-HW-RAID

Pop 33.76
Vit 2.89

hphwraid is a simple and efficient Hobbit / XYmon extension to monitor hardware raid on HP ProLiant servers such as the ProLiant DL, ML, or BL. It it written in bash, has been tested on Linux, and can be set up in less than 3 minutes. It auto-detects the number of RAID controllers on the machine and the number of plugged in hard drives. The hobbit RAID icon switches to red if the disk(s) is(are) down and/or the RAID is rebuilding.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2012 CheckMySAP

Pop 25.38
Vit 2.36

checkmySAP is a simple and efficient Hobbit / Xymon extension to monitor remote SAP services on your network. Using 3 SAP binaries (lgtst, rfcping, and startrfc), it checks the availability of your SAP systems via remote RFC command. It it written in bash, and can be set up in less then 5 minutes.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2014 Docx to Text Converter (docx2txt)

Pop 190.37
Vit 42.02

docx2txt is a tool that attempts to generate equivalent text files from Microsoft .docx documents, preserving some formatting and document information (which MS text conversion drops) along with appropriate character conversions for a good (ASCII) text experience. It is a platform independent solution consisting of (core) Perl and (wrapper) Unix/Windows shell scripts and a configuration file to control the output text appearance to fair extent. It can very conveniently be used to build a Web based docx document conversion service. Some Makefiles and Windows batch files are provided for easy installation of the scripts. With unzippers like CakeCmd that can deal with corrupt Zip archives, this tool can extract text from corrupt docx documents in many cases, where MS word processor fails to even open them.

No download Website Updated 15 May 2009 WiFiconfig

Pop 15.97
Vit 1.52

WiFiconfig is a bash/dialog script for setting up WiFi on Slackware Linux.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2011 Gargoyle Router Management Utility

Pop 84.80
Vit 4.13

Gargoyle is an interface for small, widely available routers such as the Linksys WRT54G series and the La Fonera. It provides functionality above and beyond what the default software provides including sophisticated dynamic DNS, quality of service, and bandwidth monitoring tools. The primary goal is to provide a polished interface for these advanced tools that is at least as easy to configure as any existing firmware. This project is based on top of OpenWrt, but unlike other Web interfaces for OpenWrt it places a strong focus an usability and is meant for average users, not just power users.

Download Website Updated 05 Aug 2011 PackManUtil

Pop 24.37
Vit 3.13

PackManUtil is a command line application for simplifying the build and management process for source packages. It was originally written for use with an x86_64, multi-lib Cross Linux from Scratch (CLFS) system. Since then, it has been extended to be used on ix86 and PPC CLFS systems. PackManUtil consists of several system-wide scripts to handle the brunt of the work. A separate build script is created for each package. PackManUtil comes with a system-wide configuration file, but variables can be overridden on a package-specific basis in the build script. This project is no longer being maintained.

    Download No website Updated 17 Jul 2008 ioFlock

    Pop 12.73
    Vit 1.41

    ioFlock is a social Web browser based on the Mozilla Firefox code base. It is built with SpatialBundle technology, so it does not require installation nor any administrator privilege access.

    Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2008 The MySQL Sandbox

    Pop 33.00
    Vit 1.00

    MySQL Sandbox is a tool for installing one or more MySQL servers in isolation, without affecting other servers.


    Project Spotlight


    A relational and transaction-based database system.


    Project Spotlight


    A program to create maps for Garmin devices from OpenStreetMap data.