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No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2001 AMaViS

Pop 355.31
Vit 1.54

AMaViS (A Mail Virus Scanner) scans e-mail attachments for viruses using third-party virus scanners available for UNIX environments. It resides on a UNIX (Linux) machine and looks through the attached files arriving via e-mail, generates reports when a virus is found and sets the delivery on hold.

Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2005 XamimeLT

Pop 116.57
Vit 7.64

XamimeLT is an email scanner which encapsulates your existing sendmail or Postfix server setup. It scans both incoming and outgoing email. It can scan for email viruses, unwanted file types (eg. EXE, BMP, MPEG) and file names (eg. prettypark.exe), spam, and almost anything you care to search for in an email. It can also be used to scan for text snippets within emails and to insert disclaimers into outbound emails. XamimeLT was formerly known as "Inflex".

Download Website Updated 30 May 2013 John the Ripper

Pop 1,507.70
Vit 26.76

John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. It supports several crypt(3) password hash types commonly found on Unix systems, as well as Windows LM hashes. On top of this, lots of other hashes and ciphers are added in the community-enhanced version (-jumbo), and some are added in John the Ripper Pro.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2002 PinePGP

Pop 50.70
Vit 3.98

PinePGP provides PGP and GnuPG filters for pine. PGP versions 2.6.x, 5.x, and 6.5.x are supported.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2001 Email Administration Utility

Pop 30.98
Vit 1.01

The Email Administration Utilities package can be used to manage email accounts with a series of PHP-based scripts through a browser. Addition, Removal, and modification of accounts is possible as long as an IMAP port is available on the mail server.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2001 pgen

Pop 33.09
Vit 1.42

pgen is a small set of m4 macros and a tool to apply them. They are designed to make maintaining the average procmailrc file a little bit easier.

Download Website Updated 08 Feb 2009 MailScanner

Pop 638.91
Vit 14.65

MailScanner is an email virus scanner, vulnerability protector, and spam tagger. It supports the Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, Qmail, and ZMailer MTAs, and the Sophos, McAfee, F-Prot, F-Secure, CommandAV, InoculateIT, Inoculan, eTrust, Kaspersky, Nod32, AntiVir, BitDefender, RAV, Panda, DrWeb, ClamAV, and other anti-virus scanners. It uses SpamAssassin for highly successful spam identification, and is designed to handle denial of service attacks. It will detect password-protected zip files and apply filename checking to their contents. It is very easy to install, requires no changes at all to your file, is designed to be lightweight, and won't grind your mail system to a halt with its load. It can be integrated into any email system, regardless of the software in use.

Download No website Updated 09 Nov 2001 spamrule

Pop 13.04
Vit 67.45

Spam Rule is a shell script that is designed to act as a filter for incoming mail on a qmail system. It runs between qmail-smtpd and qmail-queue, and can be used for any kind of filtering, although it was originally designed to block mail based on DNS blacklists (i.e. "RBLs"). Spam Rule is based upon the need to use different filtering rules based on who is receiving the message.

Download Website Updated 28 Jan 2003 info2man

Pop 43.17
Vit 1.82

info2man converts GNU info files to pod or -man formats. GNU info can be a pain as it demands its own special pager, it's a binary format, it's cruder than HTML and less documented, and most GNU- authored manual entries basically say "we like info so we don't maintain this manual entry, thus it is probably wrong". info2man thus converts info files so that they can be read by ordinary tools.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2003 RH Email Server

Pop 113.88
Vit 2.10

The RH Email Server uses OpenLDAP authentication for IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and SSL/TLS protocols. It includes a Web interface, administration, and filters.


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