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Download Website Updated 09 Nov 2009 AutoGen

Pop 280.77
Vit 13.68

AutoGen is a tool designed for generating program files that contain repetitive text with varied substitutions. Its goal is to simplify the maintenance of programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text. This is especially valuable if there are several blocks of such text that must be kept synchronized. Output is specified with a Scheme-enhanced output template. Input, if required by your template, may come from AutoGen definitions, CGI data, or XML files.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2004 prjlibs

Pop 20.40
Vit 58.96

prjlibs is a set of general-purpose libraries for C, sh, and Guile Scheme. The C code includes portability layers, memory management, and more. The sh code mostly makes up for deficiencies in the language. The Scheme code provides various functions not included in the Scheme core.

Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2010 Dolda Connect

Pop 30.27
Vit 3.77

Dolda Connect is a modular P2P filesharing client built around the Direct Connect model. It supports most of the latest features of the DC protocol. It runs in client/server mode with a well defined protocol, allowing extensibility, flexibility, and multiple detachable user interfaces. It also has an optional multi-user mode.


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Disk ARchive

Portable archiving/backup software for Unix (Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.) and Windows.


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Expense Submittal System

Expense report software.