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Download Website Updated 23 May 2004 plucker

Pop 220.62
Vit 4.15

Plucker is an offline Web and eBook viewer for Palm OS-based handheld devices and PDAs. It comes with Unix/Linux tools and conduits, and Windows and Mac OS X conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the Web you want to view on your PDA (as long as it's in standard HTML or text format). The requested Web pages are processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2002 gstat

Pop 20.27
Vit 1.00

gstat is a suite of tools to keep track of what your young child is doing during the day so that your working spouse can vicariously enjoy the "fun" via the Web from the comfort of his/her office.

Download No website Updated 18 Jun 2004 scr2css

Pop 16.70
Vit 1.42

scr2css allows you to write a screenplay on your Palm, send it to the desktop, and convert it to "Hollywood" formatted HTML.


Project Spotlight


A multi-platform Zenity clone.


Project Spotlight

Amac Keylogger Standard

A key logger.