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No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2003 Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC)

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Instant Messaging Database Admin (ODBC) runs on the SDBA Revolution IM App Server and allows you to view DB metadata and run SQL statements via IM (AIM) for any database with an ODBC connection. It saves multiple connections.

Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2001 J/Top

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J/Top is a desktop application, written in Java, used to monitor the 'top' output of multiple Unix clients from one central location. J/Top has an easy-to-use interface and allows sentries to be attached to hosts to monitor the 'top' output for threshold breaches.

Download Website Updated 30 Apr 2007 JAMES

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The Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (Apache James) is a 100% pure Java server, designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine solution based on currently available open protocols (SMTP, POP3, NNTP). It requires Java 2 (minimum requirement is the JRE 1.4).

No download Website Updated 16 Nov 2002 JBind

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JBind is a data binding framework linking Java and XML. It consists of a schema compiler for generating Java sources and a runtime environment. The runtime environment is used for unmarshalling (reading) and marshalling (writing) XML documents, for validation, and for accessing and manipulating XML data. In addition, JBind introduces the concept of XML code that is the result of adding behavior to XML data. XML code is the seamless integration of manually implemented methods with sources generated by the schema compiler. XML code offers great possibilities for application, framework, and configuration developments. Instance documents are validated against their schema when they are unmarshalled. Simple constraints (constraints that consider only single values of attributes or simple content of elements) are enforced during manipulation. Global constraints (constraints that consider the occurrence of attributes/elements or identity constraints) can be checked by an explicit API call.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2003 JDBC SQL Profiler

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Vit 1.78

This small tool connects to the P6Spy JDBC logger and displays in real time the queries going to the database. It uses an integrated SQL parser to build statistics on the most accessed tables and columns to enable database index creation. Other information is also gathered and displayed, such as the request time for a single request, for a class of request, and for all the requests. Sorting may be done on these views to detect database problems efficiently.

No download Website Updated 01 May 2004 JPivot

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JPivot is a JSP custom tag library that renders OLAP tables and charts. It allows users to perform typical OLAP navigation, such as drill down, slice, and dice. It uses Mondrian as its OLAP Server.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2003 JPublish

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Vit 5.35

JPublish is a powerful Web publishing system designed to ensure a clean separation of developer roles. It includes support for multiple templating engines, including Jakarta Apache's Velocity, FreeMarker, and WebMacro. It supports numerous scripting languages including Python, BeanShell, and JavaScript. It is modular and provides for easy extensibility.

Download Website Updated 14 Dec 2002 JSPTemplates

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JSPTemplates is a template engine that allows developers to write JSP pages that are very similar to the Sun API. The output of the pages does not have to be sent over the Web, and can be saved to a file or streamed in any other way. Any Java can be embedded in a JSP page, making the engine much more flexible than other template engines, and precludes the requirment to learn new syntax. It can also be used as a more flexible alternative to xslt for dynamically generating XML.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2002 JTag

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JTag is a Java ID3 tagger that should run on all platforms running Java 2. It is designed to load whole directories into a table. This makes it possible to edit all the MP3 files inside the specified directory in one go. It only supports ID3 tags version 1.0.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2007 JXTA P2P

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JXTA technology is a set of open protocols that allow any connected device on the network ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers to communicate and collaborate in a P2P manner. JXTA peers create a virtual network where any peer can interact with other peers and resources directly even when some of the peers and resources are behind firewalls and NATs or are on different network transports. The project goals are interoperability across different peer-to-peer systems and communities, platform independence, multiple/diverse languages, systems, and networks, and ubiquity: every device with a digital heartbeat.


Project Spotlight


A program that backs up and restores data.


Project Spotlight


A .NET library that provides an abstraction over persistent data stores.