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Download No website Updated 31 Jul 2003 MicroLogger

Pop 46.96
Vit 1.00

MicroLogger is a small Java logger that features full logging functionality and is really easy to add to existing projects. It was modelled after Log4J and the JDK 1.4 logging system.

Download No website Updated 26 Oct 2004 Synonym

Pop 55.87
Vit 4.11

Synonym is a flexible Milter-based extension running on top of Sendmail allowing mail administrators to copy SMTP traffic to a specified mailbox, and drop and reject emails based on regular expression filters.

No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2003 OJB Console

Pop 35.14
Vit 2.25

OjBect Console is a Web application that provides administrative facilities for the Object Relational Bridge (OJB) persistence framework. This console provides transparent browse, search, create, update, and delete functionality for the objects configured within OJB. In addition, it provides administrative functionality such as cache management and a configuration viewer. Finally, it can be extended to build a data management Web application. The general idea is to provide a useful administrative tool to OJB and a solid reference application for OJB/Struts.

No download Website Updated 01 Sep 2005 State

Pop 24.90
Vit 1.11

State is a suite of tools for monitoring a network of machines. You tell State how your network looks and should behave, and State warns you when things start to deviate from that rhythm. Many different aspects of a network can be monitored, from disk space and load average to machine connectivity and service availability.

No download Website Updated 24 Feb 2004 Nacho

Pop 34.01
Vit 2.29

Nacho is an application server and rapid Web development platform, ideal for producing business applications, content management systems, interactive content, and custom Web applications. It features a fourth generation template language and database abstraction layer to dynamically produce HTML, XML, JPEG, PNG, CSV, ZIP, and other rich content types.

No download Website Updated 03 Jul 2012 Contemplate Web Templating System

Pop 123.81
Vit 9.20

Contemplate is a Web templating system that allows writers, designers, and developers to focus on what they do best. Store content, design templates and code in separate files, edit them with your favorite tools, then use Contemplate's PHP scripts to merge them at runtime.

No download Website Updated 25 Jun 2005 XML Security

Pop 46.30
Vit 1.55

XML Security is an implementation of the W3C digital signature specification that makes it possible for programmers to create and validate signed XML documents. It is currently being expanded to include the W3C encryption specification.

Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2003 Jucas

Pop 14.28
Vit 1.00

Jucas is a Pull-MVC based component orientated (GUI) Web framework. Components represent the model and controller of the Web app. Templates (JSPs, etc.) pull these components together as needed to render the HTML pages. The templates also define how request parameters map to properties and methods of the used components. Jucas will set the request parameters on the right components. This way, the model and control is taken out of the view while high flexibility is retained for the view.

No download Website Updated 18 Sep 2003 RewriteFilter

Pop 8.54
Vit 62.50

RewriteFilter is a servlet2.3-compatible filter able to be plugged in any existing Web application that makes the application better indexed by search engines. It rewrites all generated pages transparently, encoding the URLs. When the filter gets a request, first it analyzes if the request is encoded, then it decodes it and forwards the control to the decoded URL.

Download Website Updated 13 Oct 2003 axis-wsse

Pop 27.39
Vit 1.00

axis-wsse is an external library for the Apache project Axis implementing UsernameToken spec from the working draft Web Services Security Username Token Profile ver1.1(Sunday, 26 Janurary 2003).


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A minimalist news reader.


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An administration tool for DNS, LDAP, PostgreSQL, and more.