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Download Website Updated 16 Dec 2001 Apache Byte Code Engineering Library

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Vit 1.00

Apache Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly known as JavaClass) is intended to give users a convenient utility to analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class. Classes are represented by objects which contain all the symbolic information of the given class, in particular the methods, fields and byte code instructions. Such objects can be read from an existing file, be transformed by a program (e.g. a class loader at run-time), and can be dumped to a file. One interesting application is the creation of classes from scratch at run-time. Apache Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL) may be also useful if you want to learn about the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the format of Java .class files.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2006 ManagerX

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Vit 4.22

ManagerX is an extended version of the manager servlets from Tomcat which permits management of all virtual hosts from a single instance.

No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2003 Security Filter

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Vit 3.17

SecurityFilter is intended for use by Java Web application developers. It provides robust security and automatic authentication services for Web applications using FORM or BASIC authentication. It generally mimics the behavior and configuration format of container-managed security, but has some useful functional and portability advantages.

Download No website Updated 24 Oct 2004 XmlIO

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Vit 2.65

XmlIO is a framework for reading XML files into corresponding Java objects and for writing a graph of Java objects to XML.

Download Website Updated 18 Jun 2002 mod_pointer

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Vit 2.77

mod_pointer is an Apache module for making domain redirects easy. The configuration part of the mappings are handled in either a MySQL or Postgresql database, or in a NDBM or SDBM db file, which makes it it easy to build a web-based interface for letting users change it on their own.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2003 cglib

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Vit 1.77

cglib is a set of utility classes that can be used to generate and load Java classes at runtime.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2005 Yazd

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Vit 1.60

Yazd is discussion forum software that can be easily configured through an administration interface. It is highly flexible and uses JDBC to connect to a backend database.

No download Website Updated 11 Jun 2002 AxKit

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Vit 4.60

AxKit is a mod_perl-based XML Application Server for Apache. Employing a rich set of standards-compliant techniques as well as extensible scripting options, AxKit provides on-the-fly conversion from XML to a variety of other formats including HTML, WAP, and plain text. AxKit's notable technical features include the introduction of XPathScript, a powerful, Perl-based transformation language, built-in support for XSLT, "smart" caching, and the easy creation of dynamic XML documents.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2003 TwICE

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Vit 3.23

TwICE is a Java implementation of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol version 1.1. It implements an ICE syndicator (publisher) and ICE subscriber. TwICE may be useful as a reference implementation or a public syndicator and subscriber for testing.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 ePortal

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Vit 1.01

ePortal is an integration of Expresso, Struts and Tiles with an implementation of the Java Portlet Specfication (JSR 168). With this integration the community software including eForum and eContent (a Web content management solution) and other Jcorporate components including ePoll, eFAQ, and eHelpdesk are available in a portal.


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A minimalist news reader.


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An administration tool for DNS, LDAP, PostgreSQL, and more.