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Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2009 Ide.php

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Vit 4.58

Ide.php is a Web-based editor for quick development of server side code. It offers a rapid prototyping environment to test and save snippets of code with minimal overhead. You can use it to develop PHP, ASP, JSP, SSI, HTML, or CGI.

No download Website Updated 03 Apr 1998 Infoflex-4GL

Pop 12.69
Vit 76.81

Infoflex®, a complete 4GL, saves coding drudgery with its many built-in features. Unlike other 4GL's, Infoflex streamlines the design process with a consistent WYSIWYG approach to developing menus screens and reports. Infoflex provides 4GL functionality within a well integrated "c" environment. This unique high-low approach gives you the flexibility of "c" with all the power of 4GL. Infoflex is similar in syntax to Informix. It is also compatible with C-Isam, D-Isam, Netisam, MF Cobol or Integra, and supports UNIX, DOS, or VMS. Infoflex's accounting product, AccountFlex, is a powerful, full-featured accounting utilizing Infoflex 4GL.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2009 ispell-da

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Vit 10.27

ispell-da is an ispell dictionary for spell-checking of Danish texts. It is based on "Den store danske ordliste" (The Comprehensive Danish Dictionary).

Download Website Updated 25 Sep 2004 j

Pop 218.55
Vit 10.02

J is a multifile, multiwindow programmer's editor written entirely in Java. It features syntax highlighting for Java, C, C++, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Tcl/Tk, Verilog, and VHDL, automatic indentation, directory buffers, regular expressions, multifile find and replace, autosave and crash recovery, undo/redo, and FTP/HTTP support. All keyboard mappings can be customized. Themes may be used to customize the editor's appearance.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 jake

Pop 23.69
Vit 3.45

jake (Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment) is a reference source which makes finding, managing, and linking online journals and journal articles easier for students, researchers, and librarians. jake does this by managing online resource metadata with a database union list, title authority control, linking tools, and a local holdings layer.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2006 jEdit

Pop 453.12
Vit 17.46

jEdit is an Open Source text editor written in Java. It has many useful features, such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, regular expression searching, multiple file search and replace, folding, and keyboard macros. jEdit also includes a powerful plugin architecture that allows more than 80 plugins to be downloaded and installed from within the editor.

Download No website Updated 04 Mar 2001 jedstate

Pop 10.77
Vit 1.50

Jedstate is some sort of an extended mind for John E. Davis' splendid text editor jed. Using jedstate together with jed's startup_hook() and exit_hook() as glue, jed remembers the cursor position of all visited files and will automagically jump to that position again when the files are revisited. The database, which is gdbm based, is purgeable on a "time since last view" criterion. Jedstate comes with two sample hooks for easy integration with jed.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 JERED

Pop 24.25
Vit 1.00

JERED is a very easy-to-use C/C++ text editor for *NIX which provides C/C++ syntax color highlighting. Help is always on the screen, many-user configurable settings are available, and the user interface can be viewed in English, French, Finnish, Spanish or Russian (using the KOI-8 font).

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2002 JReferences

Pop 44.99
Vit 4.68

JReferences is a program written in Java for managing bibliographic references in the BibTeXML format. Storage is done in a binary file database or, optionally, in a MySQL database. A PHP Web frontend is available. It can input BibTex, RIS, BibTeXML, and DocBook formated references.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2001 Katy

Pop 28.81
Vit 2.57

Katy is a text editor for KDE which is inspired by the Windows text editor UltraEdit. It will provide features such as decent keyboard navigation of files, End-Of-Line detection/conversion, nice Tab handling (tabs to spaces, spaces to tabs, tab sizes), and more.


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