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Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2005 BHL

Pop 99.83
Vit 5.52

BHL is an Emacs mode which enables you to convert plain text files into HTML, LaTeX, Texinfo, SGML (Linuxdoc), and TXT files. The BHL mode handles three levels of sections, many sectioning styles, common font-styles, any kind of lists, tables, URLs, horizontal rules, and Wiki names. BHL handles a list of links (lol) and a table of contents (toc): you can browse the lol and the toc, insert them where you want, and update the sections' numbers with one keystroke.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2003 Darius Tools

Pop 61.93
Vit 3.04

Darius Tools is a collection of miscellaneous scripts which are useful for a variety of purposes. They are all designed to be faster and easier to use than the command line that would normally be required to accomplish the same task. For example, there are scripts for mass conversion of WAV files to Ogg files and Ogg files to WAV files, for converting LaTeX to PostScript and viewing the output in ggv, for creating image thumbnails, for converting from the Euro to another currency, for automated updating via FTP and for removing backups recursively. The Darius Tools are split among several packages according to different categories.

Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2004 IDX-DocBook2LaTeX

Pop 36.17
Vit 1.54

IDX-DocBook2LaTeX is a stylesheet which translates DocBook documents into LaTeX. It is written in Perl, using the XML::XPathScript package from AxKit. It features the ability to handle tables, indices, figures, footnotes, and more. The XSLT-like templating philosophy built into XPathScript makes it easy to extend.

Download Website Updated 14 Apr 2003 PMathGen

Pop 31.94
Vit 1.74

PMathGen is a random simple math problem generator. From the operators, format, etc. specified on the command line or in a worksheet description file, it generates LaTeX and optionally PostScript files that can be used as math worksheets.

Download Website Updated 08 Nov 2005 TeXwrapper

Pop 17.15
Vit 1.62

TeXwrapper has been implemented to facilitate the interfacing of (La)TeX with the quickfix mode of the VIM text editor. It allows you to run TeX and some tools like BibTeX or MakeIndex at once. If an error occurs, it scans the transcript files and sends a "compiler style" error message to stderr. This program may also be useful with other text editors (like SciTE) which are able to deal with compiler's error output.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2004 bibgrep

Pop 25.22
Vit 1.04

Bibgrep indexes and efficiently searches BibTex files. Its usage is similar to the command grep and the queries use a Google-like syntax. Bibgrep will create an index for each BibTex file it touches, and keep the result within "~/.bibgrep.idx" (by defaults). It watches the modification date and the size of the original BibTex file, and will update (and delete) its index as needed.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2010 dvipng

Pop 118.89
Vit 8.82

dvipng makes PNG or GIF graphics from DVI files obtained from TeX and its relatives. Its benefits include speed; it uses very fast bitmap-rendering code for DVI files. Furthermore, it does not read the postamble, so it can be started before TeX finishes. It supports PK, VF, PostScript Type1 (via FreeType or t1lib), and TrueType fonts (via FreeType), color specials, can render CJK fonts, and more.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2004 CCT Chinese TeX system

Pop 19.44
Vit 3.74

CCT is a Chinese Language Extention to TeX that was developed by the Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2011 SerbianC

Pop 19.24
Vit 2.75

SerbianC adds support for the Serbian language (with Cyrillic script) to LaTeX with the Babel multi-language support package.

Download Website Updated 02 May 2014 Texmaker

Pop 542.37
Vit 83.90

Texmaker integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX in just one application.


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