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No download Website Updated 17 Sep 2009 mytui

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Vit 1.51

MYTUI is a TUI widget library based on curses. It is written in C and provides many ready-to-use widgets for rapid application development of text user interfaces. It is mainly delivered to develop UNIX-based applications. The goal of MYTUI is to provide a portable, robust, RAD UI tool for developing frontends for large-scale client/server applications or stand-alone text-based applications. MYTUI also includes a powerful form developing tool called ©wdesigner.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2006 nauta for Palm

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Vit 1.45

nauta is yet another serial browser, primarily for GPS receivers. It consists of several distinct applications (like ZboxZ), so it is expected to be rather slow (but usable), hard to install, and flexible. It also supports DGPS.

No download Website Updated 16 Apr 2008 niche.sh

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Vit 2.60

niche.sh is an experimental shell that aims to be platform neutral, operate multiple machines, and provide a simple and efficient command line.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2008 nullmodem

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Vit 1.85

nullmodem creates a virtual network of pseudo-terminals. It can be used as an adapter to connect two programs that normally need serial interface cards.

Download No website Updated 22 Aug 2006 obfsh

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Vit 1.00

obfsh is a shell script obfuscator. obfsh is quite flexible and can obfuscate any type of shell script. The obfuscated script version is printed to stdout. The original script is not modified.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2005 pdi2iso

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Vit 1.00

pdi2iso is a very simple utility to convert an instant copy bin image to the standard ISO-9660 format.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2003 prizm

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Vit 1.00

prizm is a simple tool to colorize xterm sessions, either randomly or from a config file. It is a useful visual cue for when there are many xterms open at once.

Download Website Updated 03 Mar 2009 psyced

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Vit 5.74

psyced is a distributed chat and messaging system based on the Protocol for SYnchronous Conferencing. PSYC is multicast and routed between servers and clients in a scalable and efficient way, but users can also comfortably use IRC clients, telnet, Web chat, WAP, or Jabber to enter the network. psyced also communicates with the network of Jabber/XMPP servers and hosts programmable chat rooms for all of these technologies at once. It also provides gateways to several IRC networks, but unlike IRC, everyone can run a server and be an equal member of the PSYC network. It supports PSYC, XMPP, IRC, TELNET, HTTP, Applet, SMTP, WAP, XML, RSS, and TLS.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2009 qcon

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Vit 1.08

qcon turns any terminal emulator for X into a Quake-style console. It is similar to tilda, kuake, and similar programs, but is't a terminal emulator by itself. Instead, qcon uses your favorite one, controlling its window position and state. It should work with most popular window managers and desktop enviroments.

Download Website Updated 21 May 2012 qodem

Pop 78.08
Vit 2.73

Qodem is a re-implementation of the Qmodem DOS shareware communications package, updated for more modern uses. Major features include Unicode support, scrollback buffer, capture file, screen dump, dialing directory, keyboard macros, script support, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit. It can connect over serial port, telnet, ssh, rlogin, and command line, and supports multiple terminal emulations including ANSI.SYS, Avatar, VT100/102, VT220, and Linux.


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JStock - Free Stock Market Software

A stock market application.


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GNU Parallel

Software to build and execute shell command lines from standard input in parallel.