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Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2001 palm2star

Pop 21.42
Vit 67.85

palm2star uses libpisock and startalk to copy address book entries from a Palm device to a Motorola PCS phone.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2004 linuxsms

Pop 174.29
Vit 8.58

Linuxsms is a Perl script to send SMS to GSM phones. There is support for multiple servers/gateways (some servers require registration). The script has an adressbook, the ability to compress SMS, and the ability to check for new versions.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2003 geskoctrl

Pop 17.94
Vit 4.28

geskoctrl is an application to download/upload firmware for GESKO PBXes. geskoctrl is also useful for controlling these PBXes.

Download Website Updated 17 Nov 2001 esms

Pop 17.78
Vit 2.01

esms is a simple program which sends SMSes to cellular phones. It splits big messages into many fragments, which are later sent with error control. It works for cellular phones in Spain.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2001 SMSDaemon

Pop 26.55
Vit 2.01

SMSDaemon is an SMS sender written in Python. It's simple to extend and to use. It has a command line and X interface (via python-tk, and python-qt).

Download Website Updated 24 Nov 2001 GNOME Caller ID

Pop 20.71
Vit 1.00

GNOME Caller ID is an application to read/display/log the caller ID data from any modem. It has been developed under Linux, using GNOME and GTK, and has been tested with USR modems.

Download Website Updated 09 Feb 2004 ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine

Pop 65.53
Vit 2.70

ivam (ISDN Voice Box Answering Machine) is a telephony application server system for ISDN and Linux. It consists of two parts: a C-coded daemon responsible for call setup, and high-level Python scripted applications.

Download Website Updated 06 Jan 2002 SUA

Pop 17.89
Vit 66.99

SUA is a Qt/KDE-based sip user agent.

Download Website Updated 17 Jan 2003 Siemens SL45 Data Suite

Pop 50.48
Vit 2.09

Siemens SL45 Data Suite (SL45c) is a Linux implementation of a datasuite for Siemens *45 series cellular phones. It features the abilities to upload logos, read phonebooks, identify GSMs, enable the Super s3kr1t Siemens Service Menu which reveals Network monitor, and much more.

Download Website Updated 21 Feb 2002 PerlSMS

Pop 41.16
Vit 1.74

PerlSMS is a powerful front end to smssend. It is much easier to use than smssend, and works with 70 different providers. It has a built in phone book and multi-profile system.


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A library for DWARF debug information reading/writing.


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Aspose.Cells for Java

A Java component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel.