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Download Website Updated 19 May 2009 Callweaver

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Callweaver is a community driven software PBX project. The most important differences between Callweaver and Asterisk are built-in STUN support, the use of SpanDSP for better codecs and full T.38 fax over IP support, Sqlite instead of Berkeley DB, universal jitterbuffer, POSIX timers to avoid Zaptel timing dependencies, greater speed, more efficient dialplan execution, and greater stability.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2006 Noojee Receptionist

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Noojee Receptionist for Asterisk provides a software-based interface for receptionists. It provides the ability to dispatch calls using a database of all staff and external parties or by phone or extension number. When looking up internal extensions, the status of each extension is displayed, saving the receptionist time as they no longer have to dial the number to determine if the party is available. When an extension is busy, the call can be placed into a "hold and transfer" mode that will automatically transfer the caller when the extension becomes available. It can also periodically inform the caller that the party is busy and gives the option to continue waiting, leave a voice message, or be put back through to the receptionist.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2007 ATSlog

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The ATSlog software provides a handy Web-oriented interface for viewing and analyzing calls for various types of PBX (Private Branch eXchange) models. At present, the program operates successfully with Panasonic, Samsung, Hybrex, Siemens, LG, and Alcatel PBX models.

No download Website Updated 19 Sep 2007 callintegrator

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Callintegrator uses the phone numbers in your address book to initiate a call or to send an SMS via a VOIP service. Currently supported are peterzahlt.de, freecall.com, and voipbuster.com. Just click on the phone number and your phone rings. Setup is very easy.

Download Website Updated 22 Dec 2006 DD-SMS-Lib

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DD-SMS-Lib is a cross platform C++ library for SMS encoding and decoding, to allow SMS messages to be read or sent from a mobile handset or GSM module easily.

Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2007 CosmoPBX

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ComoPBX is a Live CD based on Knoppix with the Asterisk PBX 1.4 and Asterisk-GUI.

No download Website Updated 13 Feb 2007 osp-toolkit

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The OSP Toolkit is a client-side implementation of the OSP protocol. OSP is a global standard, defined by ETSI TISPAN, for secure authorization and accounting for peer-to-peer communications.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2007 SpeakRight

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SpeakRight is a Java framework for writing speech recognition applications in VoiceXML. SpeakRight apps are server-side applications that generate VoiceXML pages on the fly. The advantage of a code-based approach is better code re-use, more flexibility, and faster productivity.

Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2013 PhoNetInfo

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PhoNetInfo retrieves detailed phone and network information. It runs on Symbian "Belle", S^3/"Anna", and S60 5th and 3rd edition mobile phones. Information about the following topics can be retrieved: Phone manufacturer and model, firmware version, battery level, WLAN and bluetooth MAC, bluetooth device class, IMSI, IMEI, subscriber ID, charger status, running tasks, active profile settings, network mode, network signal strength and cell ID, network name and ID, network country code and registration status, CPU speed, CPU type and architecture, size of RAM and ROM, time since last reboot, and more. All information can be saved to a file.

No download Website Updated 19 Mar 2012 Asterisell

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Asterisell is a Web application for rating, showing to customers, and billing of Asterisk VoIP calls.


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A “one-click” file sharing Web application.


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A Wordpress clone written in GNU Bash.