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Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2001 REO-analyze

Pop 14.70
Vit 1.02

REO-analyze is a collection of PHP-Scripts to analyze the online phone bill by German phone company Deutsche Telekom. One can define several users with their phone numbers, so each user can see the cost of their phone calls. It is currently only available in German.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2001 Fade Router Administrator

Pop 20.98
Vit 1.00

Faroa (Fade Router Administrator) is a PHP-script to control the isdnctrl package. It uses MySQL to store data.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2003 Phone Box Log Analyzer

Pop 40.76
Vit 2.66

Phone Box Log Analyzer allows you to capture and view the logs from a PBX. By connecting to the serial port of the PBX (usually used for printing to a serial printer) the logs may be captured and fed to a PostgreSQL database. A PHP Web interface to this database is provided.

Download Website Updated 17 Dec 2002 lintad

Pop 64.90
Vit 2.52

Linux Telephone Answering Device (lintad) is a fax and voicemail application. It uses a softmodem as a soundcard attached to the phoneline to play greetings and record messages. Messages and faxes are made available to browsers via Apache and PHP.

Download Website Updated 14 Nov 2005 PHP Voice

Pop 260.68
Vit 3.72

PHP Voice (formerly known as PHP VXML) contain four classes that assist in developing voice application using PHP. It supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language 1.0, Speech Recognition Grammar Specification 1.0, Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML 1.0, and Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.0.

Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2003 MMS Diary

Pop 38.82
Vit 2.47

MMS Diary is a mobile phone weblog/diary for use when you are on holiday. It uses MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) as a transport to upload texts and photos to your homepage. This is done with a PHP script that pretends to be an MMS proxy relay (the server that receives MMS messages is sometimes also referred to as MMSC).

No download Website Updated 14 Jan 2004 NTKcontactos

Pop 22.91
Vit 1.00

NTKcontactos is a Web-based, multi-user contact manager. It is designed to manage a company's contact information in a fast and effective way.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2004 Clickatell SMS API

Pop 31.18
Vit 1.81

This class allows users to send SMS messages via the Clickatell gateway. It provides support to authenticate to this service and query for the current account balance.

Download Website Updated 09 Jan 2010 MMS Decoder

Pop 86.98
Vit 3.02

MMS Decoder can receive MMS messages, decode them, and display them on a Web page. This is done by acting as an MMSC, which is a server to which MMS messages are sent.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2004 clipd

Pop 26.53
Vit 1.76

clipd is a daemon for displaying and saving CLIP information (also known as CallerID) from an analog telephone line. Connection history as well as callbook are stored in a MySQL database. Showing data on an LCD display using lcdproc is supported. PHP scripts are included for managing the database (adding callers, modifying, searching, dialing).


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