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Download Website Updated 08 Jan 2007 bayonne

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Bayonne is the telephony server of the GNU project. It offers a script-driven threaded multi-line state event telephony service on GNU/Linux, xBSD, and Microsoft Windows for building voice response systems, and uses telephony plugins for runtime driver configuration. It also features "TGI" for making Perl applications "telephony aware". It may be used to build telephony-based system administration, home automation, automated attendant, v-commerce, and voice messaging systems.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2001 mptc

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mptc is a Perl script to help you work out whether you're on the cheapest mobile phone network/tariff for your phoning habits. You feed it an itemised phone bill and tariff pricing information, and it will tell you how much that bill would have cost on different tariffs. So far it only supports UK network pricing systems, but could easily be extended and applied in other countries.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 PABX Monitoring System

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PABX Monitoring System is a utility that monitors the Phillips IS1000 PABX system, logs the calls, and allows one to do queries against the database.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2001 PreViking

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PreViking is a telephony daemon written in C. It has been designed with a modular structure that easily allows the addition of different services and the support of different hardware. Current services include a calling card service and a call- back service. PreViking provides an API which includes many functions to do different telephony operations such as call switching, playing/recording messages, and listening/playing DTMF.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 PyGCID

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PyGCID is a graphical CallerID application written in Python with the GTK toolkit. It uses an external program to fetch numbers from your CID hardware. It maintains a small database with the incoming calls, and has the ability to store a comment and a note on each call. It can also dial the numbers using an external program, and run a specific program for each number (for example, you can play different sounds for different numbers).

Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2001 REO-analyze

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REO-analyze is a collection of PHP-Scripts to analyze the online phone bill by German phone company Deutsche Telekom. One can define several users with their phone numbers, so each user can see the cost of their phone calls. It is currently only available in German.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 2000 S25-logo uploader

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S25-logo is Tcl script which sends a BMP image to your Siemens GSM S25 phone. It does this by sending PDU packets trough extended AT commands.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2008 Sendpage

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Sendpage sends alphanumeric messages to pagers or SMS phones. The server dials paging centrals or SMS centers, and communicates via the TAP or UCP protocol. Sendpage runs as an SNPP daemon with queue-management, multiple modems, and email notification.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 2009 Speed Dragon Tools

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Speed Dragon Tools provides Linux tools for the Hagenuk Speed Dragon ISDN PBX and a C++ class library to create custom tools. It also works with the Hagenuk Speed Viper, Power Dragon, and Surf M.A.X.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2003 VOCP

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VOCP is a complete messaging solution for voice modems, with voicemail, fax, email pager, DTMF command shell and Text-to-Speech support, 4 graphical interfaces, and a Web interface. Callers navigate the system using a touch-tone phone and may send and receive faxes, voice mail, and pager messages, listen to text/HTML email messages, or execute configured programs on the host and hear the resulting output.


Project Spotlight


An object-oriented C++ class library and framework.


Project Spotlight


A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.