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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 tkalc

Pop 26.53
Vit 1.42

tkalc is a pocket calculator for developers and IP network operators. Arbitrary arithmetic or logical expressions can be entered very quickly in a text entry field. The result is then simultaneously displayed in decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary, ASCII, IP address, and Boolean format. It accepts all number formats, operators, and functions that can be handled by the Tcl interpreter and extends this even further for input of IP addresses and binary numbers.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 TkAPG

Pop 12.92
Vit 1.43

TkAPG is a GUI front-end to the Automated Password Generator (APG).

Download Website Updated 29 Feb 2000 tkbiff

Pop 26.50
Vit 72.14

tkbiff allows arbitrary commands to be executed upon mail reception. If you like programs such as xbiff and xbiff++ but wish they were more flexible, then you'll like tkbiff. Unlike other biffs, tkbiff is fully customizable. tkbiff also doesn't waste your valuable screen space with icons; instead, it shows you the mail itself. It supports UNIX, Mac, and Windows, IMAP, POP, and UNIX-style mail files, and SSL and APOP.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2002 TkCommander

Pop 18.65
Vit 3.24

Tk Commander is yet another Norton Commander clone written in TCL/Tk.

Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2004 TkDesk

Pop 22.61
Vit 2.20

TkDesk is a graphical file manager for Unix and the X Window System. It offers a very rich set of file operations and services, and provides the user with an immense amount of configurability. Its configuration flexibility results from the use of Tcl/Tk as the primary implementation language. Another benefit of using Tcl/Tk is that TkDesk is very portable and runs on virtually any Unix platform.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 TkDVI

Pop 30.08
Vit 1.87

TkDVI is a DVI previewer built with the Tcl/Tk toolkit. It can use multiple windows to display multiple pages at the same time (which can come from multiple DVI files sharing a common font repository). Each window can show either a single page, two facing pages (as in a book) or sixteen reduced pages in the space of one, to check page breaks and positioning of floating items. TkDVI supports many features from xdvi, such as a magnification glass, but also adds interesting stuff like a gv-like page selector and a `rubber line' for measuring distances. TkDVI is based on a reusable Tk `image type' for DVI files which can easily be incorporated in other programs, and it is straightforward to customize and extend TkDVI itself.

Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2003 TkPasMan

Pop 51.53
Vit 3.59

TkPasMan is a simple program that lets you store usernames and passwords for access to forums, mailing lists, and other websites. It is inspired by gpasman, but has more `paste' possibilities. For example, you can just paste username and then password behind it.

Download Website Updated 08 Aug 2002 TkRat

Pop 48.99
Vit 3.71

TkRat is a graphical Mail User Agent (MUA) which handles MIME. It is mainly written in C, but the user interface is done in Tcl/Tk. The program currently understands UNIX mailboxes, POP, IMAP, and mh folders. Messages are sent via SMTP or any user configured program (sendmail, for example). It has support for disconnected IMAP operations.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2003 TkUsr

Pop 36.28
Vit 4.68

TkUsr is a small program that allows you to manage the Self-mode of USR/3Com Message/Professional modems. You can use it to retrieve voice messages and faxes. It features smart retrieving with a cache system, so you do not have to download the whole memory when you only want a single fax.

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2001 TkWeather

Pop 28.57
Vit 1.44

TkWeather is a compact Tcl/Tk GUI that will access the weather underground via telnet, grab the latest weather forecasts for the cities of your choice, and display the relevant info.


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A high performance Web load balancer.


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GNU Parallel

Software to build and execute shell command lines from standard input in parallel.