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Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2002 Webmin OpenLDAP

Pop 33.47
Vit 66.61

Webmin OpenLDAP provides the ability to edit the configuration file for the slapd daemon (slapd.conf) of the OpenLDAP project. There are 2 modules: one for OpenLDAP 1.2.x, and the other for OpenLDAP 2.0.x.

No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2002 Serial Over IP

Pop 74.36
Vit 66.55

Serial Over IP is a tool for the transport of serial interfaces over UDP/IP. It is usefull for connecting distant equipment that run via a serial interfaces to a local computer. It requires two computers that are running Linux and are connected via IP.

No download Website Updated 18 Apr 2002 C3 Power Tools

Pop 13.78
Vit 66.24

C3 Power Tools are a set of Python scripts that ease the use and maintenance of single and multiple clusters. Of the seven core tools, only two are restricted to root use. The C3 tools stand out from similar cluster tools in that they transparently support multiple clusters as easily as a single cluster. These tools are so flexible that they can also be used on groups of workstations not configured as a cluster.

Download No website Updated 17 Jun 2002 Loonix

Pop 31.94
Vit 65.78

Loonix is a custom Linux distribution meant for server applications. It comes with only the latest up-to-date programs and applications, all specially configured for optimal performance and ease of use. Programs are neatly organized in structured directories, and strict security rules are in place for sensitive configuration files and other data.

No download Website Updated 19 Jun 2002 smbaccess

Pop 19.44
Vit 65.77

smbaccess is used to restrict access to a Samba server from clients with certain hardware network addresses. However, this mechanism only works if the client and the server are operating in the same subnet with a direct network interconnection or in a switched network environment since the hardware network address is determined from the IP-number using the arp-cache visible in /proc/net/arp under Linux. smbaccess is invoked during the login process. If access according to the access rule is not granted, a non-zero errorlevel is returned as error code and the login process is stopped.

No download Website Updated 20 Jun 2002

Pop 8.31
Vit 65.76 is a short script that can be used to create secure, easy-to-remember passwords. It requires a dictionary file (which is standard on most Unix machines) and Perl. It features a lot of options that can be used to strengthen the password. The script was the focus of an article in the July 2002 issue ('Tools') of SysAdmin Magazine.

No download Website Updated 10 Feb 2014 Keepalived for Linux

Pop 1,047.77
Vit 65.73

Keepalived for LVS aims to add a strong and robust keepalive facility to the Linux Virtual Server project. This project is written in C with multilayer TCP/IP stack checks. It implements a framework based on three family checks: Layer3, Layer4, and Layer5. This framework gives the daemon the ability of checking a LVS server pool states.When one of the servers in the LVS server pool is down, keepalived informs the Linux kernel via a setsockopt call to remove this server entry from the LVS topology. In addition, it implements a VRRPv2 stack to handle director failover.

No download Website Updated 29 Jun 2002 Dixie DNS & DHCP Config Tool

Pop 43.87
Vit 65.70

Dixie DNS & DHCP Config Tool is a Web interface written in PHP for configuring and administering ISC bind and dhcp. It maintains a database with general DNS and DHCP information, and information about subnets and hosts. It produces config files, or sends dynamic DNS updates if DDNS is used on the server. It has simple DNS and DHCP live browsers, and can produce subzone files for MS Active Directory.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2002 queue-admin

Pop 19.80
Vit 64.80

queue-admin is a bash2 shell script for managing the mail queue of the qmail MTA. It can provide a summarized list of the messages in the queue, optionally filtered by number or by whether a message is local or remote. The messages themselves can be listed, viewed, or deleted by the same criteria. It can also search for expressions within the messages, and can return the entire email or only the line where the expression was found. The output is colorized.

No download Website Updated 03 Dec 2002 @1 Helpdesk XP Perl

Pop 32.09
Vit 64.49

@1 Helpdesk XP Perl is a very powerful Web-based helpdesk system. It supports file attachments, hidden remarks, priority marking, etc. Unlike other similar products, this script does not use the conventional "assign/completed" method to close past tickets. Instead, it uses an intelligent method to sort/rank inquiry tickets. You can even tell whether your replies have been read by the visitors.


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AN advanced suite for optimization and reactor analysis.


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A small SysV init replacement with process supervision.