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Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2000 nt2linux

Pop 16.97
Vit 70.43

The nt2linux kit provides tools to extract configurations from an NT server and migrate them to a Linux server. You can migrate user accounts and passwords, share definitions, access control lists, printer definitions, and network settings. You run one utility on the NT server (you must be administrator) and it produces a file which the Linuxconf nt2linux module imports into various Linux files.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2000 Perl Packages Manager

Pop 15.49
Vit 70.34

Perl Packages Manager uses the ExtUtils::Installed module to provide a simple way of finding out what module files have been installed. It can be used to query, verify, and uninstall individual software packages.

Download No website Updated 04 Oct 2000 mkkernel

Pop 7.68
Vit 70.32

mkkernel provides one-word compile of your kernel, useful if you're useless at making a kernel. It will try to locate your kernel sources for you.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2000 Passook

Pop 17.23
Vit 70.10

Passook is a Perl script that automatically generates passwords. It is very customizable, allowing 5 different levels between a very pronounceable or a very secure password. It can be run in a Unix shell or as a CGI script.

No download Website Updated 29 Jan 2014 mkpwd

Pop 59.19
Vit 69.95

mkpwd is a password generating program. It is designed to satisfy a scalable range of security demands. Its standard behavior is to generate one password consisting of any of all printable ASCII characters (32-128) with a length between 6 and 10. You can modify the way passwords are generated via command-line switches. You can specify a length range, the characters used, and even let mkpwd generate passwords that are somewhat readable and therefore easier to remember (and easier to crack as well).

Download No website Updated 27 Dec 2000 SysVConfig

Pop 16.06
Vit 69.72

SysVConfig is a replacement for RedHat's ntsysv. It provides a much wider view of the SysV init services, as well as allowing for their interactive start/stop/restart.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2001 tinyCMS

Pop 9.27
Vit 69.68

TinyCMS is a small Web content management system.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2001 Web-tools

Pop 20.27
Vit 69.37

Web-tools is a package that contains 15 shell scripts for use in administering UNIX servers. These tools make it easy to add and remove: VirtualHosts on Apache Web server, users on ProFTPD server, and primary/secundary zones on the named DNS server.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2001 ctk-loadmax

Pop 17.61
Vit 69.34

ctk-loadmax is a program which runs a specified command as long as the load average is below a specified level. It's quite useful when you run non-critical commands periodically via crontab, and you don't want them to overload your system.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2001 suid wrapper

Pop 11.96
Vit 68.79

suid wrapper is a wrapper program for executing processes under a different UID, depending on the calling UID, GID, and command-line (also argv[0]).


Project Spotlight


A daemon for the GM7 GPS Tracker.


Project Spotlight

Mozilla Firefox

A Mozilla-based browser.