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Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2006 Calamaris

Pop 358.10
Vit 8.77

Calamaris parses the logfiles of a wide variety of Web proxy servers and generates reports about peak-usage, request-methods, status-report of incoming and outgoing requests, second and top-level destinations, content-types, and performance.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 npasswd

Pop 15.10
Vit 1.45

Npasswd is a replacement for the passwd command for UNIX. It subjects user passwords to stringent guessability checks to decrease the chance of users choosing vulnerable passwords. It addresses other deficiencies found of standard password change programs. Npasswd is designed to replace the programs passwd, chfn and chsh.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2003 Gpasman

Pop 64.59
Vit 3.36

Gpasman is a password manager. People working with the internet have to remember lots of passwords. Saving them in a textfile is not a secure idea. Gpasman is a GTK solution to this problem since it saves the password information encrypted, so now you have to remember only one password instead of ten (or more).

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Nevermind Who

Pop 8.06
Vit 1.41

Nevermind Who a.k.a nwho is a GUI for the linux/unix utility rwho. Its interface based on GTK displays who is logged on to machine in your local network depending on how you configure rwho and rwhod. Its main feature is the ability to have a picture in XPM format for each login that is displayed when you click on the login. It is designed for sysadmins to visually verify at a glance that people logged in on machines are really who they pretend to be.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 instmon

Pop 27.28
Vit 2.54

instmon is a shell script that monitors installations and detects the files that were added or modified. It can be very helpful for packages that only come in source form. It can be used by system administrators and simple users alike.

Download Website Updated 15 Apr 2002 hc-cron

Pop 36.00
Vit 3.78

hc-cron is a cron daemon for 'home computers'. It runs specified jobs at periodic intervals and will remember the time when it was shut down and catch up jobs that have occurred during down time when it is started again. Hc-cron is based on the widely used vixie-cron and uses the same crontab format so that it can be used as a drop-in replacement for that program.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2008 Dlint

Pop 47.94
Vit 3.58

Dlint analyzes any DNS zone you specify and reports any problems it finds by displaying errors and warnings. Then it descends recursively to examine all zones below the given one (this can be disabled with a command-line option).

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 1998 Req

Pop 11.58
Vit 75.63

Req is a tracking system. People with problems or questions send requests via email to a group responsible for dealing with those issues. Those requests are assigned numbers that can be tracked and managed in various ways. The group handling the requests needs to have access to a UNIX computer or network.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 rblcheck

Pop 143.84
Vit 1.00

rblcheck is a simple tool for performing lookups in DNS-based IP address databases (such as the MAPS RBL), usually for the purposes of filtering email.

No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2001 Comanche

Pop 48.81
Vit 3.30

Comanche is a quality, cross-platform, GUI tool for configuration and management of open source software. Packages supported include the Apache Web server and Samba. It is easily extensible through plugins, and runs on most flavors of UNIX, Windows, and even Macs.


Project Spotlight


A pure Java Git solution.


Project Spotlight


A suite of addons for Nagios.