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Download Website Updated 28 Nov 2006 ADISS

Pop 35.89
Vit 2.08

ADISS (Active Directory Interface for Subversion Security) provides a means to automate the maintenance of Subversion authorization configuration files based on membership in Active Directory groups.

Download Website Updated 13 Apr 2006 svndumpalter

Pop 20.20
Vit 1.00

svndumpalter is a utility to alter Subversion repository dump files. It is similar in concept to svndumpfilter, except that it can perform much more powerful manipulations on the data. It is useful for migrating projects between repositories, cleaning up existing repositories, and so on.

Download Website Updated 19 Jun 2007 SVNAccess

Pop 87.82
Vit 2.16

SVNAccess is a small Web application which lets one manage the access to SVN repositories through a simple interface. It uses existing Apache password files/users and stores information in a MySQL database in order to generate an AuthzSVNAccessFile formatted access file. One can also delegate admin rights to a group and repository access to users so that repository owners can manage their own access.

No download Website Updated 08 May 2006 Fearann Muin

Pop 15.30
Vit 54.26

Fearann Muin is an online role-playing game (MMORPG without the Massive part) with a medieval-fantasy setting and standard rule sets. It will try to be focused on community and roleplaying instead of other aspects.

No download Website Updated 17 May 2006 BelowVersion

Pop 28.02
Vit 1.00

BelowVersion is a single-file Python CGI to browse a Subversion repository. It only needs a Web server with Python support and bindings for Subversion libraries. It bypasses the high-level client library for acceptable performance without losing features. It is written to be fast to navigate with mouse, both within a single revision and between revisions. It can provide revision logs, colored diffs, and a side-by-side view for image revisions. It can also serve the files like a normal (static) Web server, allowing plain view or saving to disk. It is written to be embeddable in other Web applications with little effort (explained in the source).

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2007 svndelta

Pop 33.94
Vit 2.09

svndelta helps manage a Subversion project, identifying the local files that have been added, changed, or deleted. The relevant files can be automatically added to and removed from Subversion. A list of files is produced, with a summary of content differences, i.e. the number of lines of code that have been added, changed, and deleted.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2006 gnome-svn

Pop 21.21
Vit 1.42

Gsvn is a front end for the Subversion version control system. It is developed using the Mono project, with C# as the programming language and Gtk# as a graphical interface.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2006 Patch Maker

Pop 31.62
Vit 1.00

Patch Maker helps you manage multiple simultaneous in-progress source code patches to software. It remembers which files are part of which patch, and keeps them disentangled during the development process. It speeds up common operations and housekeeping tasks, allowing you to focus on writing code.

No download Website Updated 09 Aug 2006 SourceHaven

Pop 8.83
Vit 53.39

SourceHaven is a Software Configuration Management (SCM) system that was initially based on Subversion and adds an embedded Oracle database. A full-featured Web application is provided for all repository, user, and system administration needs such as managing permissions, users, backups, and so on. It supports all Subversion based clients and Subversion repository dump files. It aims to offer significantly improved performance, administration, and reliability.

No download Website Updated 22 Oct 2009 SVN2Log

Pop 47.37
Vit 1.84

SVN2Log automatically generates changelogs from a Subversion repository. You do not need to waste your time and write a special changelog document with a subset of features already described in your SVN commits' descriptions; you decide which parts will be displayed for your users.


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A tool for creating disk-at-once and track-at-once CDs, DVDs, and BluRays.


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A Canvas Library for GPU accelerated 3D/2D HTML animations.