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No download Website Updated 08 Jun 2009 fstrcmp

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The fstrcmp library provides an fstrcmp function that returns a number between 0.0 (nothing alike) and 1.0 (identical); this can be used to suggest likely alternatives in error messages. Fuzzy comparisons for byte arrays, wide character strings, and multi-byte character strings are also available. In addition, there are integer alternatives for systems with slow floating point emulation.

Download No website Updated 28 Nov 2009 dea num2word

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dea num2word is a PHP class to convert numbers from numeral form to word form.

Download No website Updated 29 Jul 2011 Keyboard Shortcut

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Keyboard Shortcut is a JavaScript object that can invoke functions when multiple keys are pressed. It can register event handler functions to be called when a sequence of one or more keys is pressed. The key sequence is defined by a string containing the names of the keys, which can be letters, digits, symbols, or qualifier keys like Ctrl, Alt, and Shift. The registered callback handler function may also be called periodically while the defined key sequence is still being pressed.

Download No website Updated 31 Oct 2012 MightyString

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MightyString adds array functionality and other tools for Ruby strings, including matching, indexing, substitution, and deletion. MightyString::HTML.strip_html provides more ideal HTML-to-ASCII formatting output. This is an advanced block "filtering" module. It works very well, with extremely rare cases which fall through its fingers.

Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2013 PHP Emoticon Parser

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PHP Emoticon Parser can replace emoticon text with HTML image tags. It can search for emoticon text characters in a given text string and replace them with equivalent emoticon images. The emoticon text and image mappings are defined in a separate script that maps emoticon names to the different equivalent representations for emoticon text symbols.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2013 Lorem Ipsum Ajax Generator

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Lorem Ipsum Ajax Generator is an application that allows you to generate text very easily. Requests are transmitted in Ajax.

Download No website Updated 02 Jan 2014 Bitwise on String Operations

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Bitwise on String Operations is a class that implements bitwise operations using strings. It is intended for use with controlling access permissions and user permissions, and implementing menu groups in databases.


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A LaTeX project compilation helper.


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A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.