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Download No website Updated 28 Aug 2004 IceS

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Ices is an mp3 streamer for the icecast system, and is developed by the icecast team. It is a replacement for Shout, and its features include embedded perl and python scripting, reencoding, and xml config files.

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2002 ID3.py

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ID3.py is an object-oriented Python module for manipulating the so-called ID3 informational tags on MP3 files, which include such data as artist, track title, genre, et cetera. ID3.py is extremely easy to use, and is intended for folks who are developing MP3 encoder wrapper programs or browsers in Python.

Download Website Updated 17 Jan 2010 id3ed

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id3ed is an ID3 tag editor for mp3 files. You can set tags interactively or from the command line, or a combination of both. id3ed can set genre by name or number. You can also remove or view tags.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2005 id3tool

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id3tool is a command line editor for ID3v1 format tags, commonly used on MP3 files. It runs on Posix and Win32 based systems.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2004 id3v2

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Vit 3.35

id3v2 is a command line ID3v2 tag editor. You can add/modifiy/delete ID3v2 tags and convert ID3v1 tags to ID3v2 tags.

Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2001 inSap

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Insap is a XMMS input plugin to decode Atari XL/XE tune files.

No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2002 IRMP3

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IRMP3 is a multimedia audio jukebox for Linux. IRMP3's strength is that it easily integrates into home, car, and mobile environments (where a keyboard/screen interface may not always be available). It supports several input and display devices such as infrared remote controls, LCD displays, network connections, and serial keypads. It includes a robust set of tools like alarms, sound environments, mixers, sleep functions, and more. It supports MP3 players and network-ready control & status monitoring, and includes a flexible, modularized source which allows functionality to be easily extended with user-developed code.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 jac

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Vit 3.24

jac is a command line CD player that allows you to play your CDs in any order with looping features (on track, playlist, or the entire CD), random playing, backwards playing, exclude from playing, crazy-playing, and many other features. It supports the Italian and English languages, CDDB, and CDIndex.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2003 jack

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Jack is a console based cd-ripper. It supports cdparanoia and cdda2wav (amongst others) for extraction and various MP3 and OGG/Vorbis encoders; you can even rip from a cdrdao-generated CD image. Emphasis is on failure-safeness and ease of use. Jack can encode multiple tracks at once, good on SMP systems. It can resume its work if interrupted and keeps an eye on available HD space. Freedb query is also supported, any time you like, even after encoding. Jack can try to query freedb for MP3s of which you do not know the CD anymore, provided you have a complete rip and know the track sequence.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Java Napster

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JNapster is a Napster client implemented in Java. It allows you to download MP3s over the Internet. It provides a GUI similar to that of the Napster Windows client and has some handy features the original doesn't have: It gets server lists directly from napigator.com and logs you into as many Napster servers as you want, which you can query in parallel.


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A version of the Atomix game that runs in a Web browser.


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A combined to-do manager, notepad, and RSS reader.