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Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2006 ExEf

Pop 10.20
Vit 54.88

ExEf (Extreme Effect) is a powerful and flexible real- time sound effect engine. It is designed to work with guitars, microphones, and other instruments. It can run both as an X Window System application and on the command line.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2014 tk_cdconverter

Pop 86.49
Vit 5.59

tk_cdconverter is a Tcl/Tk frontend to rip and convert a CD into a directory and set some tags. Conversion between different formats is also possible.

Download Website Updated 14 May 2009 Tk Ecasound

Pop 34.99
Vit 5.52

Tk Ecasound is a frontend for Ecasound. It has the look of a multitrack recorder. It supports Ladspa plugins, multiple devices inputs/outputs, and multiple effects.

Download Website Updated 14 Dec 2008 SndBite

Pop 91.01
Vit 4.46

SndBite is a specialized audio editor designed for breaking large recordings into smaller components with great efficiency. Its principal intended application is in linguistic research where it is often desirable to put each word or sentence into a separate file before further processing. It is also useful for measuring pause durations. Its features include multiple simultaneous views of the waveform at different resolutions, the ability to position window edges at transitions between sound and silence, automated setting of cut points at zero-crossings, automatic filename generation easily controlled by the user, and optional automatic playback on window motion. It is scriptable and may be run in batch mode without the GUI.

Download Website Updated 04 Dec 2011 xcutmp3

Pop 26.46
Vit 4.00

xcutmp3 is a simple frontend for cutmp3 for people who do not like to memorize keystroke commands.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2005 SnackAmp

Pop 79.20
Vit 3.88

SnackAmp is a multi-platform audio file and streaming music (MP3,Ogg, wav, etc.) player and file organizer suitable for very large music collections. Stand alone executables for Windows or Linux are available for download. An integrated Web server provides the ability to remote control the client and serve your music collection as streaming audio.

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2013 ximp3shell

Pop 37.68
Vit 3.13

ximp3shell is a simple Tcl/Tk GUI for the ximp3 MP3 player. It resembles mp3shell in some respects, but is modified for use with ximp3.

Download Website Updated 25 Oct 2004 Snack sound toolkit

Pop 112.61
Vit 2.83

The Snack sound extension adds commands for sound play/record and sound visualization, e.g. waveforms and spectrograms. It supports in- memory sound objects, file based audio, streaming audio, WAV, AU, AIFF, and MP3 file formats, synchronous and asynchronous playback. The visualization canvas item types update in real-time and can output postscript. New commands and file formats can be added using the Snack C-API.

Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2008 F Modular Synthesizer

Pop 53.18
Vit 2.72

FMS is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch. You can play any sound (sine, triangular, vowels, etc.) with any property settings (frequency, volume, balance, sweep, etc.) and modulations thereof. It also features tools to save sounds, play .MUS music, graphically display sounds, and make real noise.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2010 AudioSpace

Pop 44.09
Vit 2.72

AudioSpace calculates the amount of storage required by an audio recording of a given duration, for different sampling rates, resolutions, and numbers of channels. The calculation may be made for uncompressed audio data or for several types of compression. A variety of units may be selected for reporting the result. The calculation may also be inverted to determine the maximum duration of audio that will fit into the available storage.


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