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Download Website Updated 08 Mar 2010 CLAM

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CLAM is a multiplatform software framework for research and application development for the Audio and Music domains. It offers a conceptual model for building systems as well as tools for the analysis, synthesis, and transformation of audio signals using high level representation (notes, spectral peaks, etc.). It also provides multiplatform system abstraction and tools for audio and MIDI file handling, device handling, GUI and XML support, and more. It has proper Linux audio architecture integration (Ladspa, Alsa, OSC, Jack, VST, etc.) and rapid graphical prototyping both for the processing core and the user interface (Qt designer integration).

Download Website Updated 15 Jul 2005 Waveform

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Waveform is a small application that draws and exports function graphs (such as y = sin(x)) especially for use with audio programs as waveforms. It is limited to only one graph because it is not designed for other uses, and it only outputs .wav files. It can display graphs on the screen, render .wav waveform files from them, and preview them through Open Sound System. The application has been tested on Linux (CRUX 1.3) and Windows 98SE, but the sound output only works in Linux (OSS).

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2006 slat

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Slat stands for "Sounds Like A Theramin". Slat allows you to use your mouse to adjust pitch and volume by waving the pointer over the interface. Tremolo and vibrato are adjustable. Slat is a JACK application.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2008 Frinika

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Frinika is a free, complete music workstation program for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X Tiger, and other operating systems running Java 1.5 (J2SE5.0). It features a sequencer, soft-synths, real-time effects, and audio recording.

Download No website Updated 12 Oct 2005 Wsynth-DSSI

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Wsynth-DSSI is a simple wavetable synth. It is not based on any "real life" synth, but was written with the PPG Wave and Prophet VS in mind. The code is based on Xsynth-DSSI, hence the imaginative name.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2005 Exmude

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Exmude is a simple musical instrument that you can run on your computer. You control it with your mouse. Moving the mouse up and down controls the volume, while moving the mouse to the left and to the right controls the pitch.

No download Website Updated 04 Nov 2006 nekobee

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nekobee is a DSSI soft synth plugin that emulates the sound of the TB-303 Bassline. It is not an exact copy; rather than make it "just like the real thing", the design concentrates on modelling the circuitry and was adjusted by comparing the sounds achievable with it to those heard on classic acid house tracks. It includes a switchable square/saw wave VCO, 24dB/octave VCF, an adjustable decay time for the VCF, a fixed decay time for the VCA, and an interesting bit of circuitry around the "Accent" control.

Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2006 Sound Mural

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Sound Mural is a picture-to-sound converter. A PBM/PGM/PPM file is read on stdin and a WAV file is written on stdout. The image is treated as a spectrogram. Examples can be seen and heard on the Sound Mural Web page.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2010 Bristol Audio Synthesis

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Bristol Audio Synthesiser is an emulator for diverse keyboard instruments. Currently about 20 are implemented: various Moog, Sequencial Circuits, Oberheim, Yamaha, Roland, Hammond, Korg, ARP, and Vox algorithms. The application consists of an audio engine and an associated graphical user interface called Brighton which acts as a dedicated master keyboard for each emulation.

Download Website Updated 16 Jul 2006 OriginalSynth

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OriginalSynth allows you to draw waves to be oscillated. These waves can be combined with others that you create. You will have complete control over the frequency and duration. You can also play various waves in succession.


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A version of the Atomix game that runs in a Web browser.


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A combined to-do manager, notepad, and RSS reader.